‘Ice Road Truckers’ Season Review: Mild Weather, Bad Roads, And The Loss Of A Trucking Legend [Spoilers]

This may have been one of the most unusual seasons ever on Ice Road Truckers. The roads were in horrible condition, and the ice roads were constantly being closed due to the mild winter weather. The truckers need freezing weather conditions so the main roads stay covered with snow, and the ice roads need to be thick enough to safely travel across.

According to the Futon Critic, each driver faced getting stuck on the muddy roads and taking major risks on the ice road crossings as the effects of climate change and El Niño bring record warm temperatures to the area. On this season of Ice Road Truckers, Alex Debogorski, Art Burke, Todd Dewey, and newcomer Stephanie “Steph” Custance drove for Polar Industries, which is run by Mark Kohaykewych. Darrell Ward and Lisa Kelly banded together once again as they tackled the dangerous winter roads. For each of the drivers, there was a keen sense of urgency to get supplies safely delivered to the communities that depend on the drivers making it through.

Whether it was experienced drivers, plain luck, or both, fortunately on this season of Ice Road Truckers no one suffered any major injuries or accidents while on the road. Navigating through the treacherous road conditions this season was still extremely difficult for both the drivers and their vehicles. There were several breakdowns, and more than one trucker became stuck and needed assistance as the roads continued to deteriorate.

Getting their loads to the remote villages and locations that depended on the cargo they carried was of the utmost importance, and everyone pushed through to make their deliveries. They stayed busy, the rival companies trying desperately to get every load delivered before the roads became impossible to drive on. In a surprising move during the season finale, titled “The Final Ride,” while Alex and Art were off on their own misadventure of sorts, everyone else including Mark came together in a four-truck convoy to get the final few, but very essential loads hauled down to a remote village.

Halfway through this season of Ice Road Truckers, the family, friends, cast members of the show, and fans were shocked to learn that Darrell Ward had died in a plane crash on August 28. After the tragedy, a tribute to Darrell was shown after each episode of Ice Road Truckers aired. Although Mark and Darrell were known to not see eye-to-eye on Ice Road Truckers, after his death Mark posted a message on Polar’s website stating that although there was some bickering on the show between them, he wanted to assure everyone that on a personal level the two men had developed a friendship over the years.

“I have made many memories with this great man and he has taught me a lot. I will never forget the great times we spent together filming the 10th season of Ice Road Truckers this past winter,” Mark went on to say. “Memories I will always cherish. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Darrel I will miss you dearly when that first truck departs the yard for the first trip on the Ice Roads this Winter. Take care my friend, until we meet again.”

After being asked a question in the poignant final moments of the show, Darrell reflected on his passion for trucking on this season of Ice Road Truckers saying, “What it means to be a trucker? Freedom. I can say it in one word. Not everybody gets to do what I get to do. I feel very fortunate to be an ice road trucker.”

Lisa Kelly took a moment to post to her Facebook page a photo and a message to the fans of the show saying, “Thank you everyone for all your support on another great season of Ice Road Truckers! It was an amazing experience.”

After both companies came together this season on Ice Road Truckers, perhaps Lisa will return to Polar and drive for them since she has lost her business partner. The loss will be hard on all of them as they gear up for a new season of Ice Road Truckers, but Lisa will have a difficult decision to make in regard to her future.

Are you a fan of the show? What did you think about Season 10 of Ice Road Truckers and the death of Darrell Ward? Leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions below. Although the show has wrapped for the season, Ice Road Truckers is available via On Demand and through History’s Ice Road Truckers page.

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