Rooney Mara Premiers Three Upcoming Movies, And Reveals Her Mixed Emotions On A Sequel To ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’

Rooney Mara has revealed that she had started her obsession with Cartier watches much before she became a famous film actress, reports Vanity Fair.

Even though she loves to wear a variety of Cartier jewelry pieces, it is the Cartier watch that truly fascinates Rooney. While attending a party which was recently held at Cartier’s Fifth Avenue boutique, Rooney clearly exhibited her love for the Cartier watches when she disclosed that she had been captivated by the elegant watches ever since she was a young girl.

Incidentally, Lion, Rooney’s upcoming movie will feature the Youth in Revolt actress along with Nicole Kidman, the Omega watch brand ambassador who had immortalized Cartier jewelry by flaunting them in the Grace of Monaco film. Rooney Mara plays the role of an energetic and cheerful student in the movie Lion whose story revolves around a young Australian man’s quest to get in touch with his Indian roots by relying on Google Earth.

Lion was recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. In addition, Una and The Secret Scripture are two of Rooney Mara’s other upcoming movies that were premiered at the film festival along with Lion. Both Una and The Secret Scripture show the actress portraying characters that have turbulent personalities.

In Una, Rooney plays the title character that loses her innocence at the tender age of thirteen when is she used to fulfill the sexual desires of an elderly man. Despite the emotional scarring she has suffered during her early sexual encounters, Una grows to love the older man, and she continues to pursue him even after he has moved ahead in life. According to SBS, Rooney Mara spoke about the bizarre relationship that her character shares with the man who is her primary source of mental turmoil.

“At times you think he’s evil and she’s the victim, and there are times when you think she’s crazy and he’s a good guy, and there’s even a time when you want them to be together.”

The Secret Scripture, Rooney Mara’s upcoming Irish film, narrates the life events of a centenarian woman who is admitted to a mental hospital. Through her diary, audiences can witness the important events that unfolded in Ireland’s history. Rooney plays the younger version of the centenarian in a series of flashbacks that shows how the protagonist’s life evolved while weathering the changes brought about by events like the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War.

Rooney Mara has had a glorious run in Hollywood, and her success can also be credited to her versatility which enables her to play a variety of characters. One of Rooney’s most well-known onscreen characters is Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the first installment of a movie series that was based on Stieg Larsson’s crime novels.

Even though Sony has reportedly made preparations to produce The Girl Who Played with Fire, the second installment in the movie series, it is not confirmed whether the filmmakers have approached Rooney Mara to reprise her role of Salander. The actress has admitted that she was almost desperate to play the role once again, and would have no hesitation in working on any upcoming film project based on the Stieg Larsson crime novels. According to the Toronto Sun, Rooney Mara revealed that she has almost given up the hope of reprising her role as Salander as it has been a long time since she featured in the first installment of the series.

“I was holding my breath for it and really wanting it for so long and now enough years have gone by that if it doesn’t happen, it’s OK.”

Moreover, Rooney Mara had earlier harbored doubts about the production of the second installment as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo did not do well at the box office when it was released in 2011. The first installment was received with mixed reactions and the film earned $230 million in global sales.

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