WWE News: New WWE Fan Survey May Have Accidentally Confirmed TNA Wrestling Library Sale Rumors

We’ve been hearing for years that TNA was going downhill, which was by no means untrue. However, no one knew exactly when the company would go up for sale. Now, it appears that TNA Wrestling is going to be sold to someone, it is just “who,” at this point, that is up for debate. Fans of WWE feel that WWE owning the promotion might be for the best, as it would allow WWE to own the TNA library and put it on the WWE Network while also taking on some of the great TNA names.

However, a rumor regarding TNA being sold went down a few days back. The report claimed that WWE bought the TNA library while Billy Corgan bought the promotion itself. It didn’t seem right, as it would make no sense to sell your history even if you do re-brand. Meanwhile, Corgan would take on all the debt involving TNA and WWE would take the library for a small sum and profit heavily off of the company’s history.

Many have tried to shoot down the rumor since it hit the internet. However, it does seem like WWE may have accidentally confirmed that a sale was made or was coming very soon. WWE tends to send out fan surveys all the time to see how some people will take to certain ideas the company has, especially when it concerns the WWE Network. Recently, they did the same thing but something glaring showed up in this particular survey.


As you can see, WWE asked fans about a possible new “plan” for the Network that would allow them to see independent content like TNA Wrestling and even Ring of Honor. The only plan this would be under is plan four, but the fact that WWE is asking fans about this means they are certainly trying to access the library of two major American promotions. On top of this, they asked about other interesting network features as you may have noticed as well.

While, obviously, TNA is up for sale and WWE is attempting to get the library, they do not own Ring of Honor nor is Sinclair Broadcasting willing to sell to the WWE. ROH COO Joe Koff has mentioned in the past that he would like to work with the WWE in a partnership of some kind one day. However, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon may not want to deal with ROH unless they were able to have them sign a no compete. This may also allow WWE to use ROH as a possible farm system like they do with WWN Live.

This is another interesting thought as well, as independent content does mean real indie companies like those under the WWN banner. The WWE already has a partnership with WWN, which started months ago. It would make a lot of sense for WWE to have some of their old footage on the WWE Network for those that subscribe to a higher plan. Of course, WWE would want the same thing out of TNA as ROH if they put their material on the network without owning them.

Dixie Carter
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McMahon would love to have the content, but no compete clauses would confirm to Vince that neither would be competitive with him in the future if he helps them out by having their content on his network. This would mean they could not take talent from him or come on the same night as his shows, or even work in the same areas as WWE live events at the same time WWE was in town. This is simple stuff that both promotions could manage to do, especially ROH.

However, TNA Wrestling would love to compete with WWE and has stated this in the past. Today, that is not the plan for them as they’re just trying to survive and do their own thing. But once they get their feet back under them, if they ever do, they would love to try to be a threat to WWE. If WWE bought TNA, they would not have to worry about this ever happening. If not, they would need a guarantee that they would never compete with them even if they pulled footage from the WWE Network one day. So something like a “lifetime” clause may be presented if TNA doesn’t get sold to WWE outright. It is doubtful TNA would ever agree to this, to a sale may be the only way we get TNA content on the WWE Network.

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