Beyonce Formation Tour: The Seven Best Moments

Sadly, all great things must come to a close, including Beyonce’s Formation Tour. The worldwide tour kicked off six months ago on April 27, in Miami, just a few days after Beyonce dropped her iconic album/film, Lemonade.

Since then, Beyonce has performed 49 stadium shows on the Formation Tour and sold out every single one. According to Billboard, Beyonce’s Formation Tour had “already taken in over $100 million in ticket sales” in February, months before the tour even began. The tour is on track to top the grosses of Beyonce’s last solo concert tour, the Mrs. Carter World Tour, which took in a whopping $212 million.

Along the way, Beyonce dazzed audiences of thousands with gorgeous costumes, incredible pyrotechnics, aerial performers, and “Bootylicious” dance moves. Without further ado, here is a run-down of the best moments of Beyonce’s Formation Tour.

1. Beyonce’s custom glitter Ivy Park ensemble

Sure, fans are more than welcome to pack their local Topshop to purchase an item from Beyonce’s athletic wear line, Ivy Park. But for Beyonce herself? Nothing less than a short-sleeved, bedazzled silver Ivy Park minidress with matching hat will do.

2. Beyonce’s sexy “Crazy In Love” performance

Beyonce made fans scream with excitement when she performed her 2003 hit single “Crazy in Love” with a sultry twist. She began the performance by singing the slowed-down version of the song from Fifty Shades of Grey, then turned up the temperature by dancing in and around an enormous wooden set, striking sensual poses against the walls.

Purists weren’t disappointed, though; Beyonce followed the Fifty Shades version with the chorus of the original version, then smoothly transitioned into “Bootylicious” for a hip-shaking, hair-flopping dance breakdown.

3. Beyonce’s dancer getting engaged in St. Louis

St. Louis marked the first (and unfortunately last) time that Beyonce performed “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” on the Formation Tour. During the performance, Beyonce’s choreographer and Formation Tour creative director John Silver paused the show to get on one knee and propose to Ashley Everett, one of Beyonce’s dancers. This was definitely one of the cutest moments of the Beyonce Formation Tour.

4. Beyonce’s incredible monolith

When fans entered the stadiums on the Beyonce Formation Tour, their eyes were drawn to one thing and one thing only: the gigantic, dazzling 60-foot-tall rectangle covered in LED screens. The monolith was impressive enough before the show, but once Beyonce hit the stage, it was full of surprises: it rotated and displayed a live feed of Beyonce onstage. The monolith even opened up so that Beyonce and her dancers could climb in and out of it during “Partition.”

Throughout the show, the monolith reminded audience members that they were in the presence of a larger-than-life spectacle. Anyone from the floor seats to the upper-level nosebleeds had an incredible view of Beyonce and her dancers projected onto the monolith.

5. The flashy pyrotechnics

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a Beyonce show if it wasn’t explosive. During multiple songs, giant balls of flame burst out from behind the monolith while Beyonce sang. One memorable sequence featured a gigantic image of Beyonce’s face with flames erupting out of her eyeballs.

6. Beyonce’s powerful message for Black Lives Matter

Beyonce’s Formation Tour wasn’t just about seeing the singer gyrate in glittery one-pieces and perform vocal (and physical) acrobatics. “Formation,” Beyonce’s first single off of Lemonade and the opening number of the Formation Tour, was a powerful tribute to the struggles and strength of black Americans. During her tour, Beyonce projected the names of dozens of black victims of police brutality onto the monolith, showcasing an important issue to audiences of thousands every night.

7. The “Freedom” choreography

Beyonce definitely saved the best for last on the Formation Tour. When performing “Freedom,” an empowering and exhilarating track off of Lemonade, the secondary stage filled with a pool of water. Beyonce and her dancers emerged from backstage and performed choreography with the water, kicking it and arching it above their heads and into the audience.

The Formation Tour proved that musically and artistically, Beyonce is in a class all her own. Were you lucky enough to catch the Beyonce Formation Tour?

[Featured Image by Frank Micelotta/Parkwood Entertainment via Getty Images]