‘Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS’ 1.4 Patch Notes: Nerfed Caduceus Weapon Improves Gameplay And New Banshee Gear Set Talents & Perks

Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS is in week three, and weapons such as the Caduceus and Banshee have undergone some changes. Patch notes via a Massive addendum revealed a highly nerfed Caduceus weapon. Then, there are the gear set stats for the Banshee to consider, because with it came new perks that provide the set as a substitute for the B.L.I.N.D. gear.

Review Of Nerfed Caduceus Reveal It’s A Beast

Before these changes were made in The Division, the 229 named weapons weren’t all that high-profile. For instance, weapons like the Midas and Hungry Hog LMG were somewhat decent back in the day, but they would only drop at their set gear scores. Now, they can drop at the maximum gear score of 229, which would put the Caduceus in high demand as a high-end weapon. That said, this works well for skill power builds, according to YouTuber Skill Up.

Ubisoft had listed in the forums the particulars for this weapon along with the changes. Not so long ago, it was explained that Restored will be one of the removed weapon talents, along with Steady and Stable. The Caduceus is one of those weapons that has the Restored talent removed from The Division in order for it to work well with the new gear score scaling.

Three other game talents, Talented, Competent, and Determined, have also been added.

  • Talented: Killing a target with this weapon increases your Skill Power by 15 percent for 20 seconds (doesn’t stack, killing a new target refreshes the timer)
  • Competent: Whenever you use a skill, your weapon damage is increased by 10 percent for 15 seconds
  • Determined: Killing a target reduces your skill cooldowns by 7.5 percent

Other talents in the Tom Clancy game removed from the Caduceus are Cool Headed, where head shots reduced skill cooldowns. There’s a reduction from 6.5 percent to 5 percent. This removal is a pretty big deal considering it was effective when landing only a headshot and not a headshot kill. It also only appears on semi-automatic weapons like marksman rifles or shotguns. Full autos do not have the Cool Headed talent as it would likely be overpowered in The Division.

The only exceptional automatic weapon that does have the Cool Headed talent is the Caduceus, which allows it to dominate. Couple this with your skill power build and you’ll have a tech-focused Division agent with quick cooldowns granted the build is appropriate.

Tom Clancy’s The Division’s older Caduceus had its cooldowns, but that functionality was mostly exclusive to things like sticky bombs, turrets, and the like. It did not, however, provide any real impressive amount of damage as we will soon come to find out in patch 1.4, where the aforementioned tech will wreak havoc in PvE.

Is The Banshee Four Piece Gear Set A Waste?

The Division’s previous Banshee gear set talents/perks allowed for it to increase a non-Rogue status players’ speed by 20 percent, but that has changed. Now, Rogue players’ ammo is refilled every 30 seconds, and damage taken from non-Rogue players has been reduced by 10 percent.

While non-Rogue damage to Rogues has been increased by 10 percent, there is no loss in experience points nor Dark Zone currency if you die in the Tom Clancy game.

Arekkz Gaming feels this isn’t really too helpful, as loss of experience or currency shouldn’t be much of a concern to a player as is the precious gear you acquire while in the Dark Zone. In staying within the theme of the Banshee, it does help with adding bonuses to Dark Zone currency farming.

That being said, in the Division 1.4 patch, the currency in that environment would allow for purchase opportunities of additional weapons in the update. So this may be considered a nice add-on for the Banshee gear set.

Tom Clancy’s The Division PTS looks to be working through the kinks while making changes to weapons and gear. Hopefully, these changes will make it worth a player’s while, as he or she can utilize a less labored solo play mode and take down enemies in a manageable fashion.

[Featured Image by Casey Rodgers/AP Images]