‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra Headed For A Split? He Fats Shames Her Again, As She Turns To Drugs

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been one of Teen Mom OG’s healthiest couples over the years.

While they have weathered a lot over the course of the show, the Teen Mom stars are now starting to feel the strains of parenting and married life.

Are Lowell and Baltierra headed for a nasty split?

The Hollywood Gossip reports that Lowell’s recent stint in rehab and struggles with addiction threaten to ruin her marriage.

A recent promo trailer for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG reveals that the couple is pushed to the brink in their relationship.


Lowell just finished her stay in rehab after struggling with issues of depression and anxiety.

Apparently, Lowell’s mental health reach a point where she couldn’t even get out of bed because she was so depressed.

To make matters worse, Daily Mail reports that Lowell still struggles with an addiction to weed.

During a recent installment of Teen Mom OG, Baltierra’s mother, Kim, questioned Lowell about her smoking habits.

“I could have sworn the other day you were high,” she told her. “Seriously. You’ve been smoking haven’t ya?”

“It’s something I probably won’t talk about because I don’t want the whole world to know,” Lowell told Baltierra’s mother in response.

Kim then turned her line of questioning to Baltierra: “Are you strong enough that if you see her doing not what she’s supposed to be doing… are you strong enough to…?”

“To keep my mouth shut?” he answered. “She’s responsible for her and I’m responsible for me.”


With so many things going wrong, many fans are starting to wonder if their marriage will hold up through the end of the season.

Prior to Lowell’s stay in rehab, signs of bigger issues began to surface.

During the Teen Mom OG Season 6 premiere, Baltierra was criticized for fat shaming his wife after she told him her plans to diet.

According to Radar Online, Baltierra called Lowell a “heifer” for eating too much.

“That’s a big a** quesadilla, it has a lot of chicken,” he stated. “It’s your body, you could do what you want. Obviously, I don’t want no heifer for a wife!”

A producer on set told Baltierra he was being a little too “harsh” with his wife. (clip below)

He answered: “I’m being honest! Would you want to be married to some big heifer?”

Baltierra’s fat shaming reached an all-time high when he caught Lowell eating too much Chinese food on a recent episode.

“You’re really indulging,” he told her.

“Stop being a d**k,” Lowell shot back.

Baltierra then said he couldn’t understand her because she had a mouth full of food.


“Quit being mean! It’s not nice,” she said.

Fans were quick to blast Baltierra on social media following the episode.

“The way you talk to her is not the way you talk to someone when you’re coming from a loving or supportive place,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“Omg that is so wrong,” another added. “Can you imagine how deeply that hurt?”

The hate didn’t stop there.


“You are a d**k for criticizing Catelynn when she’s eating,” a user shared. “Back off. You’re the one who needs therapy!”

Of course, Baltierra has since apologized for his words and revealed that he is getting help to better communicate with Lowell.

“Currently in therapy to work on my delivery of messages and opinions,” he told fans. “Yes I know I’m a prick, but I admit it instead of defend it.”

Considering their plethora of problems, it isn’t clear if Lowell’s relationship with Baltierra will last much longer.

New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV.

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