Chris Brown Continues To Diss Baylee Curran On Instagram As Gun Case Hits A Dead End

Chris Brown may be busy gearing up for his impending concert at the Mombasa Golf Club in Kenya on Saturday, but it looks like the “Grass Ain’t Greener” singer is also taking some time to throw a little shade at Baylee Curran amid reports suggesting that the former model’s assault and gun case against Chris Brown have officially hit a dead end.

In August, Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after Baylee Curran alleged to police that Brown had pointed a gun at her face during a confrontation at the singer’s home in Tarzana, California. While Curran claims that Brown had her thrown out of his home due to a dispute over a piece of jewelry, both Chris and his attorney Mark Geragos have vehemently denied the accusations presented by Baylee and maintain Brown’s innocence amid the ongoing investigation.

“My client’s position is that we’re cooperating,” Geragos explained to reporters in response to rumors suggesting that Brown was uncooperative with the LAPD’s investigation after allegedly locking himself in his home amid a “standoff” with police, CNN reports. “There’s no truth to it, and we’re going to let it play out.”

Chris Brown was later released on $250,000 bail, prompting Geragos to publish a tweet reiterating the singer’s innocence and calling the accusations against Chris “demonstrably false,” although authorities were later granted a two-week extension from the D.A.’s office in order to gather more evidence from Curran and Brown in regard to the ongoing gun case.

Now, sources close to the investigation have reported that Curran’s case against Brown has hit a dead end due to insufficient evidence, seemingly leading Brown to throw a bit of shade at Baylee on his personal Instagram account.

Just two weeks ago, Chris Brown took to the social media site to blast Baylee Curran with the creation of a new t-shirt design for his clothing company, Black Pyramid, which includes the phrase, “THIS B**** LYIN’,” written in bold letters on the front and a drawing of a blonde woman in tears on the back. While Chris Brown didn’t name Baylee specifically in his post, it didn’t take long for fans to begin poking fun at the t-shirt design amid the fallout of the model’s gun and assault case against the R&B star.

Most recently, Chris Brown took to Instagram on Thursday to share a similar message about Curran amid reports of a potential dismissal of the model’s case, this time dissing Baylee via the creation of two new gold and diamond-encrusted chains that boast the same “THIS B**** LYIN” phrase as a pendant on the necklaces.

“@nickbhindi @elliotavianne #stayclassy,” Chris Brown wrote in the caption of his photo, echoing the same “stay classy” hashtag that was included in his previous post seemingly aimed at Curran.

While Baylee Curran hasn’t responded to Chris Brown’s Instagram posts concerning the ongoing gun case, nor has she spoken out in response to reports suggesting that the case is nearing a dead-end at the District Attorney’s office, Curran did make headlines last week after she was spotted competing in a California-based beauty pageant that reportedly poked fun at her incident with Brown by having her walk to Chris Brown’s hit track “Don’t Wake Me Up” during the evening gown segment of the competition, TMZ reports.

The news comes on the heels of reports suggesting that Brown will likely not face charges in response to Curran’s accusations due to the lack of evidence presented by authorities to the prosecution team. According to TMZ, sources close to Brown recently revealed that Curran’s case has not gone forward due to the fact that the District Attorney is “unimpressed” with the evidence that has been gathered by authorities thus far despite granting a two-week extension in order to collect more evidence for the case.

The site further notes that given Curran’s insistence on speaking to several media outlets about the case immediately following the incident, coupled with witnesses’ testimony regarding Baylee’s history of falsely accusing people of violence in the past, it’s unlikely that Brown will face charges in response to Curran’s accusations. Similarly, while the outlet maintains that Brown “threw a duffel bag” containing “2 guns” out of the window during his “standoff” with police, the site notes that authorities are struggling to pin a gun directly to Brown in relation to his incident with Baylee.

TMZ reporters also caught up with Brown on Thursday to inquire about his thoughts regarding the ongoing case with Curran, prompting Brown to mutter, “What did you expect?”, when asked about the result of the case’s dead end at the D.A.’s office in Los Angeles.

What do you think of Chris Brown’s newest Instagram response to the Baylee Curran gun case against him?

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]