Reality Steve Spoils Nick Viall’s One On One Date With Danielle Lombard (Video)

Nick Viall has started filming The Bachelor 2017, and of course, that means that Reality Steve has started spoiling it already. Steve is known for spoiling the entire season before it even starts to air. Last night, Nick Viall went on a date with Danielle Lombard, and it looks like things went great for them. Reality Steve went to his blog today to spoil exactly what happened on their date. There are even videos and pictures of Nick’s time with Danielle. Even though the spoilers aren’t saying, you can assume she gets a rose.

Nick Viall was in Milwaukee for his date’s yesterday. Nick had his date with Danielle, but he was also caught on camera with his parents at the Steaming Cup. Nick Viall was seen walking on the streets, but one fan said that he wasn’t allowed to take pictures with fans, even though he could talk to them and shake their hands. The last time Viall was there filming, fans got the chance to take pictures with him.

The one on one date with Danielle was his third one this season. They went to a concert where Chris Lane performed, but no phones were allowed inside so people shouldn’t have been able to get videos, but it happened anyway. Chris performed his songs “Fix” and “For Her.” He also did a few other songs including a cover of a Jason Derulo song. Nick Viall and Danielle didn’t get to enjoy very much time at the concert, though. They were only there for about 20 minutes. One thing that happened during the date was Danielle was seen wearing a very low cut shirt. Her nipple fell out more than once, so the show will have to censor that somehow.

Danielle works as a model, and if you check her out, online you can find pictures of her all over. If you look at the videos above, it is obvious that Nick does like her or is at least attracted to her. Danielle is also the girl who Nick did a bit of singing to on a group date with the Backstreet Boys. She is a favorite for him so far. Today Nick Viall will be going on a group date to a cheese farm. The Bachelor is already a few weeks into filming this season.

Us Magazine shared a few details about Nick Viall’s group date where they went to a Backstreet Boys concert. This all went down at the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater show in Los Angeles, California. Ashley Iaconetti and Becca Tilley took the stage and sat on stools to get serenaded. During the encore, Nick and some of his girls came back out on the stage. Nick even danced along with the guys. A.J. McLean shared his thoughts on the date.

“Nick is a great guy. I felt really bad for the girls because we only gave them 30 minutes to learn that whole dance routine, and the fear of God came over all of those girls’ faces. They were such, such, such troupers.”

Nick Viall already knows how to be on reality television, but his role as The Bachelor is a first for him. Fans are really hopeful that this time around Nick Viall will finally find love. It has taken him a long time to get his happily ever after and it would be great if it finally happens this season on the show.

What do you think of Nick Viall’s date with Danielle Lombard? Do you think that she could be the one Nick picks in the end? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Nick Viall on The Bachelor 2017 when it starts airing in January on ABC.

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