Hugh Jackman Sports An Entirely Different Look In ‘Wolverine 3’ As Fans Follow His Aging Process

Hugh Jackman, the Australian actor, achieved international fame by playing the role of Wolverine, the mutant super-hero, in the X-Men movie series. In fact, Hugh Jackman’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been one of the most popular films in the X-Men film series; it earned $196 million in the United States alone and brought in $488 million around the globe.

Wolverine, also known as Logan, is a popular Marvel Comics character who has well-developed animal instincts, extraordinary fighting capabilities, and an inherent healing ability that slows down his aging process. Hugh Jackman is all set to feature in Wolverine 3, the upcoming film in the Wolverine series that will be set in an era in which most of Logan’s X-Men team members are dead. The upcoming film will be titled simply as Logan and is due for release on March 3, 2017.

In fact, Wolverine 3 will feature a much older and non-violent Logan who is struggling to get over the deaths of his former team members. Earlier installments in the movie series focused on Wolverine’s origins and his efforts in Japan, where the villains had planned to rob him of his mutant healing powers. In his new role, Hugh Jackman sports a clean-shaven look as his mutant character will no longer be shown with the bushy and thick mutton chop sideburns that gave his anti-hero character the typical wild look.

Hugh Jackman will feature alongside Richard E. Grant, who plays the role of a mad scientist. Additionally, Patrick Stewart, the veteran British actor, will reprise his role as Professor Charles Xavier, the benevolent telepath who is a mentor and a father figure to his mutant students. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Patrick Stewart commented that Wolverine 3 might not be the last movie in the Wolverine series, although it might be the last installment for his character.

“I would imagine this is probably the end of this franchise for me. But the thing about science fiction and fantasy is that you can never, ever say it’s the end, it’s over.”

It is definitely not over for the fictional Wolverine, whose regenerative abilities have helped him beat the aging process. Hugh Jackman, on the other hand, is seen to age gracefully, as revealed by the photos that he posted on social media while following the “Throwback Thursday” trend. According to the Huffington Post, almost all of Hugh Jackman’s yesteryear photos have garnered more than 100,000 likes from his fans, who have even compared the then-young Hugh Jackman with Clint Eastwood.

While many fans have appreciated the 47-year-old Australia actor for maintaining his youth, a considerable number of his fans have sincerely remarked that the actor has aged gracefully. In fact, several comments seem to suggest that Hugh Jackman has grown even more handsome with age. Fans have always been conscious about the actor’s looks, and there have been occasions when his followers were quick to express concerns about his health when the actor had shared online photos that didn’t quite depict him in a lively mood.

Hugh Jackman’s youthful appearance can be attributed to his zestful attitude towards life, which clearly reflects on his face. Like many of his fellow Australians, Hugh Jackman harbors an adventurous spirit that inspires him to travel around the world. Earlier, the Les Miserables actor had expressed his desire to visit exotic places that would enable him to follow his sense of adventure.

As an avid traveler, Hugh Jackman closely follows well-known travel writers like Herbert Ypma, who recently released Nomad Deluxe, a travel guide that proves to be a valuable asset to globetrotters. According to the Daily Mail, Hugh Jackman recently congratulated Herbert for his latest publication when the writer presented a copy of Nomad Deluxe to Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness.

Recently, the Wolverine actor celebrated his 20-year marriage to Deborra-Lee, the Australian actress, when the couple flew to the Caribbean island of St. Barts in April to cherish their successful marriage. Despite being a globetrotter and a celebrity who loves to enjoy his time in cities like Paris and Dubai, Hugh Jackman still considers Sydney as his favorite city as it enables the actor to pursue his passion for swimming.

[Featured Image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]