Jim Carrey Subject Of New Lawsuit Alleging He Gave His Suicidal Girlfriend STDs

Jim Carrey triggered his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White’s suicide by giving her STDs, according to the Daily Mail. White’s estranged husband continues to throw mud at the comic actor in a new lawsuit.

Mark Burton, White’s estranged husband, claims that Jim Carrey gave his late ex-girlfriend sexually transmitted diseases and then lied to her about it. The whole thing allegedly ended with White’s suicide in September of 2015.

In fact, Jim Carrey was allegedly the one who gave White, who committed suicide at the age of 30-years-old, the prescription drugs to overdose over a year ago. Burton filed a revised complaint in the amended wrongful death lawsuit against the Mask actor.

Burton claims that in 2013, White had found out that Jim Carrey had given her several types of STDs, including Herpes Type 1, genital herpes, and gonorrhea. On top of that, the comic star pressured her to keep quiet about it.

As evidence, Burton presented an exchange of text messages between White and Jim Carrey in which the former revealed to the 54-year-old actor her suspicions that she had contracted an STD.

The estranged husband claims Jim Carrey had sex with his late ex-girlfriend without letting her know that he had the STDs and didn’t warn her of the risks of contracting them.

It’s unclear whether Carrey himself knew he had STDs at the time, but genital herpes remains in the body forever and can become active at any time.

When White confirmed she had STDs, Jim Carrey pressured his ex-girlfriend by suggesting she had contracted the STDs from someone else, Burton claims in the amended lawsuit, adding that the actor even “manipulated” and “threatened” White to keep quiet.

Burton also alleges that sometime before her death, White wrote a letter to Jim Carrey, complaining that she had difficulties dating anyone because of the STDs.

White even allegedly called herself “damaged goods” in the letter, which Burton claims should have led Jim Carrey to conclude that she had suicidal thoughts at the time, according to the New York Daily News.

Burton recently released a statement to the Wrap in which he said he wouldn’t let Jim Carrey and “his handlers deceive the world” about what truly happened to White.

“How dare they invoke her memory in an effort to save Mr. Carrey’s false persona. This is a search for the truth and people will now learn about the real Jim Carrey and his treatment of women.”

Burton even urged other women, who have been “exploited and injured” by Jim Carrey and “his reckless behavior,” to come forward and reveal what the comic actor has done to them.

But Jim Carrey’s lawyer, Marty Singer, was quick to respond to the STD allegations by claiming Burton is just attempting to profit from White’s suicide. In his interview with TMZ, Singer said Burton’s new allegations are “categorically disputed.”

Jim Carrey’s lawyer also added that the amended lawsuit is a desperate attempt made by the husband of “the sham marriage.” As evidence, Singer said the STDs allegations don’t make sense because White “begged” the actor to rekindle their romance in 2014, the following year after she had allegedly found out about contracting STDs.

Jim Carrey’s lawyer also claims that there are several witnesses who can confirm that Burton had an “illegal sham marriage” with White and thus violated the federal law that prohibits marriage fraud to evade immigration laws.

Singer claims that Burton and White started living in two different states immediately after their wedding. The lawyer also said that his client, Jim Carrey, will fight the lawsuit.

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