Maggie Smith’s Classy Response To Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy Jabs

Maggie Smith may have been absent at several Emmys ceremonies, but the television academy doesn’t hold a grudge, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The 81-year-old Harry Potter star won yet another Emmy last month but didn’t turn up to the ceremony.

Dame Maggie Smith, who already has two Academy Awards and four Emmy Awards, was a no-show at this year’s Emmy awards ceremony held last month. And in his opening monolog, host Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about it.

Kimmel joked that Maggie Smith is getting nominations Emmy after Emmy, year after year, and doesn’t even see the need to show up at the ceremony to accept awards in person.

And nobody would pay much attention to Maggie Smith’s absence this year, if the 81-year-old actress didn’t snatch her third Emmy, and fourth overall, for the role of the Dowager Countess of Grantham, Violet Crawley, on ITV-PBS’s Downton Abbey.

But Kimmel refused to mail the award to Maggie Smith, saying during the ceremony that if the actress wants her award, it will be in “the lost and found.” But when Smith took to Twitter to reply to Kimmel and thank the TV Academy for the award, she was sweet about it.

Without making any witty or sarcastic jokes, all Maggie Smith revealed was how “astonished” and “pleased” she was to get her fourth Emmy award, and asked Kimmel to give her directions to that non-existent lost and found office.

“I feel the Emmys have been overly generous to me. If Mr. Kimmel could please direct me to the lost and found office, I will try and be on the next flight. Love, Old Maggie.”

And while Kimmel was probably expecting an endless war of words with Maggie Smith, the 81-year-old actress, who has been nominated for nine Emmys and won four times in her lifetime, decided to settle this particular barb peacefully.

Interestingly, Maggie Smith has never appeared at a single Emmy ceremony. But it doesn’t stop the television academy from presenting awards to her. Each year, when the actress has been nominated, her live broadcast image was replaced by a greyscale picture when her name was read out as a nominee.

But Kimmel also complained that Maggie Smith doesn’t like Emmy awards ceremonies for some reason, as she appeared at the Oscars ceremonies to get an Oscar, and has been seen at the Tonys and even the Soul Train Awards every year.

“She’s Downton Absent, is what she is. For the ninth time. What is wrong with us? Why do we keep nominating this woman? She’s treating us like the People’s Choice Awards.”

Then Kimmel got a little too brutal at one point of the ceremony and even started threatening Maggie Smith.

“I have a message for you, Lame Maggie Smith, if you’re even bothering to watch. If you want an Emmy, you better hop on a plane right now and get your Dowager Count-A** over here.”

But Maggie Smith won’t have to show up at Emmys to accept awards for her role in Downton Abbey anymore, as the TV series aired its final episode last December. But she could still get an Oscar for her role in a Downton Abbey film, according to New Now Next.

Maggie Smith has recently been confirmed to have signed on to reprise her role of the Dowager Countess in the upcoming Downton Abbey film. And since Smith is apparently not squeamish about attending Oscars ceremonies, she could actually accept an Oscar in person, if she’s ever nominated for the role.

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