Teresa Giudice Says Jacqueline Laurita Guilt-Tripped Siggy Flicker And Dolores Catania, May Reconcile With Kathy Wakile And Rosie Pierri After All

Did Jacqueline Laurita give Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania a guilt trip for not leaving with her after the disastrous group dinner in Vermont? Teresa Giudice believes so. In her Bravo blog recapping the latest The Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, posted on Wednesday, Teresa said that she believes Jacqueline made Siggy and Dolores feel guilty about not defending her more during the argument and not leaving with her, and that's why they were so upset the next morning about what went down. In her blog, Teresa also addressed the fact that Jacqueline brought up Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri several times. Surprisingly, Teresa didn't bash Kathy and Rosie, as she did in a previous blog, but said that she might reconcile with them a few years down the road.

Teresa placed the blame for all of the drama that went down during the group's Vermont trip on Jacqueline. Teresa believes that Jacqueline ruined the trip for everyone, including Siggy and Dolores. As viewers saw on the episode, Siggy and Dolores made it clear to Teresa and Melissa Gorga the morning after the big dinner fight that they were not pleased with what happened. Siggy broke down crying while Dolores, usually calm and quiet, screamed and angrily banged the kitchen counter. Why were they so upset? Teresa believes that Jacqueline, during a moment that either wasn't filmed or was edited out of the episode, made them feel guilty.
"I feel like Jacqueline ruined the trip for everyone. I felt bad that Siggy was so upset. And for Dolores to get mad the way she did, I knew she was beyond her breaking point, too. But, because I know Jacqueline so well, I know something not so great went down under that roof with Jacqueline when she was alone with Siggy and Dolores. I don't know what that was, but Siggy and Dolores were way too upset about everything when they weren't even the ones in the argument. I am betting that Jacqueline made them feel guilty that they didn't have her back and leave the restaurant with her."
Early on during the cast's Vermont trip, Jacqueline got into a fight with Teresa's friend Robyn Levy. Jacqueline had earlier made it clear, after Robyn took Teresa's side regarding her drama with her cousins and spoke badly about Rosie, that she thought that Robyn was one of Teresa's "soldiers," meaning someone who just agrees with Teresa and is there to do her bidding. Later, while they were making s'mores, Robyn told Jacqueline that her calling her one of Teresa's "soldiers" made her want to "rage on her f**king a**."

Jacqueline immediately challenged Robyn to do just that. "Do it!" Jacqueline yelled. She then went and sat on Robyn's lap. Jacqueline remarked that since Robyn wanted to "rage on her f**king a**," she was handing Robyn her "a** on a silver platter."

After that fight had died down, Jacqueline told Siggy and Dolores that she was leaving the trip early because she wasn't comfortable around Robyn. Siggy and Dolores both thought that Robyn should be the one to leave since she verbalized a physical threat first. When Robyn overheard Melissa and Teresa talking about how Siggy and Dolores wanted Teresa to ask Robyn to leave, Robyn left on her own accord to spare Teresa any more drama.

Yet more drama did come. During the group's dinner later that night, Teresa Giudice immediately made it clear to Jacqueline Laurita that she was not happy that Robyn Levy left. Feeling attacked, Jacqueline defended herself. Yet Teresa called Jacqueline "manipulative" and "calculated." The argument quickly escalated between the two women. Jacqueline, in an attempt to remind Teresa of all of her own crazy behavior through the years, yelled that she was a "table-flipping b**ch."

Jacqueline then asked Melissa Gorga if she hadn't warned her years prior that she, at Kim DePaola's fashion show, was about to be accused of having been a stripper. Jacqueline said that while Teresa knew what was about to happen but didn't warn Melissa, she did. Melissa wouldn't give Jacqueline a yes or no answer. Infuriated, Jacqueline yelled that Melissa was a "fake, phony b**ch" who has had four nose jobs. When Teresa said that she didn't warn Melissa at the Posche fashion show because she didn't know what was about to happen, Jacqueline, who clearly believes otherwise, screamed that Teresa was a "twisted b**ch" and a criminal.
All the while, Dolores Catania remained calm and mostly quiet. Siggy Flicker, clearly alarmed at what she was witnessing, tried to defend Jacqueline, telling Melissa and Teresa that Jacqueline really just feels hurt that Melissa and Teresa don't have her back despite all of the things that she has done for them over the years. Teresa told Siggy that she was "f**king blind."

Jacqueline left the restaurant with her husband. In the car back to their villa, Jacqueline mentioned how poorly Teresa had treated Kathy and Rosie. Teresa addressed Jacqueline's comment in her blog. Teresa, who, as the Inquisitr reported, bashed Kathy and Rosie in a previous blog and said that she was done with them, now says that she may have the energy to work on her relationship with her cousins in a few years since they are family.

"She brought up my relationship with Kathy and Rosie several times on this trip. Maybe I'll have the energy to work on relationship with my cousins again in a few years because they're family. But right now everyone needs to understand and respect the seriousness of my situation. I have a lot on my plate and don't have time for this negativity. It's just draining."
Back in Vermont, the rest of the group continued with dinner. Siggy later asked Dolores if she thought Jacqueline was mad that they didn't leave with her. Dolores said no.The next morning, Jacqueline told Siggy and Dolores that she was leaving. Meanwhile, in their own villa, Teresa told Melissa that Jacqueline was putting Siggy and Dolores on the spot, forcing them to choose sides. Siggy and Dolores then met up with Melissa and Teresa, where they said that they were leaving the trip as well. When Melissa and Teresa protested, Siggy, in tears, said that she was in "mourning" and didn't want to continue on with the trip because she's about peace, not war.Teresa asked Dolores to speak up, questioning why she was keeping quiet. Dolores certainly spoke up.
"Trust me when I f**king tell you! I've had enough of it all! I don't f**king deal with this s**t! That's why I don't f**king hang around with people altogether. I've had enough...Teresa, I've always been there for you. I am f**king so stressed out being in this f**king house. I need to be alone."
In her confessional interview, Dolores commented that Teresa and Melissa clearly weren't bothered at all about how upset Siggy was.
"I have just been through a war. Melissa comes in, she looks like she's going to Studio 54, with a full face of makeup. Teresa's dressed like Melania, she has a big fur headband. Thir not two are not the epitome of empathy standing in front of me. So they're not getting that Siggy's really upset about this."
With her blog, Teresa Giudice has made it clear that she believes that Siggy was so upset and Dolores had the reaction that she did because of Jacqueline making them feel bad.

After leaving Vermont and returning to New Jersey, Jacqueline told Kathy Wakile what happened during the trip. Jacqueline confessed to Kathy that her friendship with Teresa may now be completely over. Kathy, seemingly in reference to her and her sister Rosie Pierri's up-and-down history with Teresa, told Jacqueline that there could still be a chance. However, when Jacqueline told Kathy that she called Teresa a criminal, Kathy, knowing full well how Teresa feels about that word, conceded that the situation was bad.

Will viewers see Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania's friendship with Jacqueline Laurita suffer a blow because of what happened in Vermont? A preview for next week's The Real Housewives of New Jersey shows Siggy, days after the trip, telling Dolores that she thinks that Jacqueline's mad at them, revealing that she sent Jacqueline a text after the dinner fight but has yet to receive a response. Siggy told Dolores that she wants to have a talk with Jacqueline to figure out what's happening.

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