Meghan King Edmonds Pregnancy: She Is Not Getting Support From Jimmy’s Daughter

Meghan King Edmonds is getting closer to her due date, and she’s been working hard on getting her nursery ready in her home in Orange County. She’s been posting pictures and videos of her journey as she’s getting ready to welcome her baby girl into the world. However, it sounds like Jimmy’s children are mixed when it comes to their excitement about the new addition to the family. King Edmonds has previously revealed that Jimmy has four additional children, which means that this would be his fifth child. So, how are these children dealing with a new sibling?

According to a new Bravo report, Meghan King Edmonds recently sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, and she reveals that Jimmy’s mother is excited about becoming a grandmother once again. Apparently, King Edmonds and her mother-in-law actually get along quite well, and they have been bonding after the news of the grandchild’s arrival.

“They’re so excited. I’m really close with his mom. And his dad is really manly and he doesn’t text. I think his mom is so excited,” Meghan told the Daily Dish, revealing that Jimmy is an only child which is why his mother is so excited. “She’s throwing me a baby shower and she’ll come over and help me get stuff organized. So, she’s super excited.”

Meghan also shared the news with Jimmy’s younger children, who are super excited about having a sister soon. Soon, they will be able to say they have a little baby sister, and one of Jimmy’s children is so excited that she’s helping King Edmonds get the nursery ready. She just wants to spend time with Meghan all the time, as if she’s scared of missing a second of the excitement.

“The little ones are so excited and it’s so stinking cute. My 8-year-old stepdaughter [Sutton] just wants to be in the nursery with me all day long, put together everything there is to put together with me… She’s being a little mother. My stepson [Landon] is 10 and he’s like, ‘Whatever.’ He actually likes to feel the baby kick whereas my stepdaughter, she doesn’t like to feel the baby kick. She’s weirded out by it,” Meghan King Edmonds explains in her interview.


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None of Jimmy’s children have been on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and fans have only met Hayley last season, as Hayley’s biological mother was fighting cancer. She hasn’t been a part of this season of the show, and it sounds like she isn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of her father having another child. Maybe she has already dealt with having more siblings and thought her father was done.

“My older two stepdaughters, I think, could care less. Hayley’s 19, Lauren’s 23 now. And [Lauren] is planning a wedding and she’s like, ‘Whatever,'” Meghan revealed during the interview, adding, “Hayley, I think, [is] the most not excited. I think she’s like, ‘Ew, dad’s having a baby. That’s so gross.'”

Of course, King Edmonds’ husband had gotten a vasectomy before he met Meghan because he had no desire to have more children. But once he married King Edmonds, she wanted a child, and he decided to use some of his frozen sperm to make her dream a reality. Right now, Jimmy may be happy with just one child, but King Edmonds has revealed that she’s open to having more children.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds’ step-children not being too excited about having an additional baby in the family? Are you surprised that some of Jimmy’s children are excited, while others don’t really care?

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