Claire Danes Shocks As One Of The ‘Orangest’ Celebrities At The Emmy Awards

Claire Danes was one of the attendees at the recently held Emmy Awards ceremony whose makeup for apparently inspired by Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential candidate whose rhetoric has infuriated a large number of celebrities. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Claire Danes, Kristen Bell, and Constance Wu were singled out for overdoing it with the spray tan, as their artificial skin color quickly revealed that their attempt to get a natural looking tan had failed.

As a result of overdoing the spray tanning, Claire Danes’s made-up skin color almost resembled Donald Trump’s orange tinged skin color. Ideally, beauty experts suggest that tanned skin should be complemented by colors and fabrics that accentuate the glowing effect of the spray tan. However, things went awry for Claire Danes when the glittering effect of her golden Schiaparelli gown was obscured by faking a skin tone that was clearly a shade of orange.

Despite being aware of her makeup blunder, Claire Danes carried herself with elegant self-confidence without revealing the embarrassment that she may have faced at the awards function. It turned out that the actress, who was nominated for her role as a CIA officer in Showtime’s Homeland, not only failed to clinch the award in the outstanding lead actress category but also failed to impress the audience with her make-up. Instead, she won a place amongst the worst-dressed female celebrities of the evening.

Incidentally, the darker shades of the Homeland actress’s spray-tanned skin weren’t as glaring as the bronzed skin tones that were worn by other celebrities like Kristen Bell, Constance Wu, and even Heidi Klum. Curious fans and members of the media were quick to express their displeasure with Claire Danes’s spray-tan faux pas. According to the Mirror, a social media comment on Twitter openly blamed Claire Danes’s spray tan artist for causing the self-tanning disaster.

“Who hates Claire Danes and why did she let them give her a spray tan?”

It was natural for Claire Danes’s fans to express their shock over her make-up blunder because the actress usually displays a radiant glow while wearing minimal makeup. According to the Daily Mail, the Romeo and Juliet actress showcased her natural glow while she was filming for Season Six of Homeland a month ago.

The actress had dressed immaculately in a black coat that went well with black trousers, complemented by a light blue scarf that was twirled around her neck. The actress looked stylish on the set of Homeland as she walked in high-heeled boots while carrying a large black purse and a green shopping bag. More importantly, Claire Danes looked her natural self in a neutral makeup, with a simple inclusion of lip gloss that gave a touch of radiance to her face.

On the other hand, it would be unfair to judge a celebrity’s overall dress sense based on a single faux pas, and it would be erroneous to judge someone like Claire Danes who is poised to host the upcoming eighth season of Art in the Twenty-First Century, ART21’s award-winning program that airs on PBS.

The program brings to light various forward-thinking artists who attempt to connect to the culture around them through their respective arts. According to W Magazine, Claire Danes will be visiting places like Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico, and Vancouver to focus on innovative artists like Nick Cave, Chris Ware, Barbara Kasten, and Theaster Gates whose arts and works have created an impact on society.

Being a daughter of talented parents who pursued the fine arts, Claire Danes is enthusiastic about connecting with other ingenious artists who are similar to her parents concerning their ideas and beliefs.

[Featured Image by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images]