Rihanna & Drake Breakup? Could She Get Back With Chris Brown?

Rihanna and Drake seemingly went public with their romance at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards back in August, but just two months after publicly gushing over each other, could they now be on the verge of a breakup?

According to a new report by Hollywood Life, Drake and Rihanna’s dating life isn’t exactly smooth sailing right now, and sources close to the couple are alleging that their romance could potentially be on the rocks.

An insider revealed to the site that despite Rihanna and Drake having an “unbreakable bond” and reportedly getting serious over the past several months, the two have supposedly been struggling to make things work in recent weeks.

“Drake has always been a playboy and Rihanna usually picks the wrong guy,” a source revealed as the breakup rumors swirled around the couple after they appeared to confirm that they’re dating, “and now that they seemingly have found the right person for each other they can’t really wrap their head around it.”

Have Drake & Rihanna already split?
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The insider also went on to allege that both Drake and Rihanna have “wandering eyes,” which is causing a strain when it comes to the twosome dating only each other.

“[Rihanna and Drake] are trying to figure out each other in a relationship form because they are so familiar with being great friends, hooking up and then coming back to each other when it is convenient,” revealed the source.

But while some insiders are foreshadowing that a breakup could be on the cards for Rihanna and Drake, Hollywood Life’s source revealed that Rihanna and her man are doing all they can to make their relationship work, and that includes slowing things down a little when it comes to the dating game.

“They are slowing things down to make it work, but they are in no way ending things,” the site’s source said of how Drake and Rihanna are trying to make their relationship work. “They realize what they have is special and want to make sure they do the right things to make it flourish.”

Rihanna and Drake are yet to comment on the reports, and are yet to even explicitly confirm that they’re a couple, though the breakup dispel comes just days after fans took to social media to urge Rihanna to stay away from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who she dated on and off for six years between 2007 and 2013, now that she’s dating Drake.

But it sounds like even if Rihanna and Drake’s relationship did hit the rocks, there’s little chance that we’ll ever see Rihanna and Brown back together and dating again after the two split for good three years ago following a seriously rocky romance.

Amid speculation that Chris is allegedly not the biggest fan of Rihanna dating Drake, an insider recently revealed to Urban Islandz that Brown actually has no plans to reconcile with his former girlfriend, as he knows the two just don’t make a good couple.

Could Rihanna get back together with Chris Brown?
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“[Chris] was more laid back and carefree, perhaps a little too young to get so serious in a relationship,” a Brown insider said of Chris and Rihanna’s on/off relationship, which hit a serious roadblock after Brown was arrested for assaulting the “This Is What You Came For” singer in 2009.

Urban Islandz added that Chris always felt as though Rihanna was looking to get more serious with their relationship than he was, suggesting last month that Rihanna was even ready for babies with Chris, though Brown felt at the time that he was too young to get that serious.

“Maybe if it was now things would have been different,” the site’s source continued regarding if Brown and Rihanna were dating today, “but [Chris and Rihanna] have both now moved on and [are] doing their separate thing.”

What do you think of the breakup rumors swirling around Drake and Rihanna’s dating lives?

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