October 6, 2016
Matthew Gray Gubler of 'Criminal Minds' Is Not Afraid To Be True To Himself: 'I've Never Been Ashamed of Anything I Like'

Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds is a truly unique and free spirit. He does not let anything make him self-conscious. He's not afraid to be different and he is never ashamed to be who he is or like what he likes.

Matthew Gray Gubler likes Halloween better than any other holiday according to Entertainment Weekly, though he also likes April Fools Day pranks. He enjoys cartoons, mimes, magic, anything spooky, and goofy jokes. He wears purple sneakers, silk kimonos, and bulky cardigan sweaters, with no sense of shame.

While his Criminal Minds character, Dr. Spencer Reid can seem a bit self-conscious, especially in older episodes, Gubler does not seem to share that characteristic with Dr. Reid. Gubler is very uninhibited.

Matthew Gray Gubler absolutely loves to make videos of himself answering young people's questions. While he clowns around quite a bit, he also makes a lot of important points.

Matthew Gray Gubler isn't worried about how he is perceived, or if people think he's cool. In the Q&A video below, the Criminal Minds genius makes an interesting point about being genuine about what one likes, and not feeling guilty or ashamed of the things one truly enjoys. Gubler was asked if he had any guilty pleasures.

"That's weird you know. this sounds kind of pretentious but I have never believed in the word guilty pleasure. Because I feel like if you like something you like it. So I have never been ashamed of anything I liked."
Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds could easily be talking about the kinds of music he likes, the fact he is obsessed with Halloween, or the fact he still enjoying animated TV shows. The point is that he is true to his own tastes, in music, holidays, TV shows, friends, or anything else he genuinely likes.

Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds sporting a black tux and bow tie
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Matthew Gray Gubler isn't afraid to be different or to take an unusual stand on something. What people like is part of who they actually are inside, so to pretend not to like something one likes is not being true to one's self.

"I've never had a guilty pleasure. I like full heartedly, with my heart anything I enjoy... I like what I like. I encourage you to do the same. I've never been ashamed of anything I like. Don't feel guilty if you like something."
Matthew Gray Gubler says being bullied isn't so bad, as long as people don't let it change who they are. Matthew Gubler was bullied a lot in school, but he says he is thankful for the experience now. It made him even more determined to be true to himself.
"Everyone who ever told me I was a weirdo or a looser or not good at anything, because that, for whatever reason Inspired a fire inside me, that propelled me to be [where I am.]"
Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds takes an unusual stand on this. He really thinks being bullied made him stronger. They didn't break him. That's not to say that people haven't been harmed by bullying, but with enough strength of character, one can remain true to one's self even when others make fun of them.

Criminal Minds cast Matthew Gray Gubler and his co-stars
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Matthew Gray Gubler points out that the challenge is to make it through life as one's own self, not changed because of the prevailing opinions of others. Making it through one's life, being happy and being one's self, being just as quirky as one wants and excelling at the same time just proves the bullies wrong.

"Anyone that's bullied in school just know you'll have the last laugh."
Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds tells young people to be themselves, like what they like, and not let those bullies change them.

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