‘Sister Wives’ News: Source Reveals Meri Brown Is Dating Man From Hawaii

The rumors are always swirling about Kody Brown and his four wives from Sister Wives. Now, the newest rumor is that Meri Brown has a new boyfriend. She is still spiritually married to Kody Brown, but legally, Meri divorced him so that he could marry Robyn Brown and adopt her children. Hollywood Life is sharing that a source revealed that Meri is moving on and has already found a new man to date. It is unknown if she has left the family or not, but it doesn’t look like Meri is focusing on her marriage to Kody right now.

As the Inquisitr shared recently, Kody Brown has been allegedly courting at least one more wife, and the other wives are livid about this news. The rumors are that there will be a spin-off show that doesn’t include Kody Brown but has the wives and kids in it instead. At this time, this has not been confirmed, but the renewal of Sister Wives hasn’t been verified either.


Meri Brown has allegedly moved on and started dating a man who lives in Hawaii. It does sound as if Meri is still in Nevada with the family at the moment, but a source says this new relationship is pretty hot. The source said, “She’s always gone now. She’s always traveling. Meri has wanted to leave for the past year and a half. She’s done.” If Meri Brown really is feeling this way, she hasn’t revealed what is going on to her fans. She doesn’t have any of her own children at home anymore, and there is no reason for Meri just to sit around. The source said the family is in “survival mode,” and they bring a therapist along anywhere they travel.

On last season of Sister Wives, the viewers saw that Meri Brown was allegedly having an affair with a man named “Sam.” Meri insisted that she never met with this person, but the person kept writing a blog that told a different story. Meri admitted on the show that she was actually catfished, and it was really a woman messaging her and saying that they were a man. Meri was emotionally involved, but nothing physical happened, according to her. Fans really never knew who to believe about what went down.

Celeb Dirty Laundry shared about the original rumors that Kody Brown wanted to find two new wives. When he married Robyn Brown, Kody said that he was not looking, but then Robyn came into their life. Kendra Pollard, who used to be a friend of Robyn’s, was the one sharing about the new wives that Kody is allegedly courting. If Kendra is the one sharing about Meri’s new alleged boyfriend, then she isn’t revealing that it is her this time around. If Meri is with someone new, then she has been smart and has not been caught by anyone who was able to get a picture of her.


Kendra said that Kody was looking for two new wives and that all of the other wives were considering leaving him. This would be a huge shake-up for the Brown family, but it would also be a great way to bring in ratings for Sister Wives if that is what they were looking to do. Only time will tell if this show will even come back or if Kody Brown will get a new wife or two. Regardless, everyone saw last season that Meri Brown was pretty checked out, so it would be shocking if she comes back again.

Do you believe the source that Meri Brown has a new man in her life and will be moving on from the Brown family? Do you think that Sister Wives should come back for another season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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