Freddie Prinze Jr. Says Sarah Michelle Gellar Ate ‘Everything’ On First Date

Freddie Prinze Jr. has revealed how he fell in love with the Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar, according to People magazine. The She’s All That star also shared how he and Gellar have managed to be together for 17 years.

Freddie Prinze Jr. joined his wife, Gellar, during a Facebook Live interview as a surprise guest, and he recalled their very first date. The actor admitted that he had gone on dates with several Hollywood actresses before he met Gellar, but none of them impressed him the way the Buffy star did.

What made Freddie Prinze Jr. fall for Gellar on their first date at a Los Angeles restaurant was the fact that the actress, who was 22-years-old at the time and enjoying the peak of her fame, was one of few actresses who didn’t starve themselves to death to maintain a lean figure.

Freddie Prinze Jr. revealed that back then in Hollywood actresses only ate salads, while his future wife behaved differently on their first date, and would eat everything he ate.

“You have to have that in common with me if we’re going to get along.”

And a passion for food is one of the things that defines Freddie Prinze Jr., who is currently promoting his new cookbook titled Back to the Kitchen, while the Buffy star is the founder of lifestyle company called Foodstirs.

And Freddie Prinze Jr. also revealed that Gellar is not one of those faint-of-heart and squeamish girls, as she ate a crab that the restaurant’s staff let walk across the counter in front of her eyes, then killed and cooked it in front of them.

“And she ate it without even blinking, and I was like, ‘Yo, my girl is legit.'”

Freddie Prinze Jr. is truly obsessed with food, according to Xpose. And the She’s All That actor proves it with his first cookbook, titled Back to the Kitchen, in which he features 75 delicious recipes.

Freddie Prinze Jr. recently made a guest appearance on cooking show The Chew to promote his new cookbook. The actor said that all of the recipes in the cookbook are very “simple and straightforward.”

Then, Freddie Prinze Jr. started praising his daughter, Charlotte, who he claims has learned to make most of the dishes from the cookbook by herself. It wouldn’t be as surprising if Charlotte wasn’t only 7-years-old.

“My daughter crushes it in the kitchen. She can make Korean beef by herself.”

However, Freddie Prinze Jr. said that he doesn’t let his daughter play with fire and that he steps in when fire is involved. The actor explained that his fingers had been burned many times in the past, which is why it just doesn’t hurt now.

While admitting that his 7-year-old daughter is already a better cook than him, Freddie Prinze Jr. said that Charlotte started out with plastic knives so that she wouldn’t “slice her hands off,” but now she is using the pro-style knives.

Charlotte is not the only child of Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar, as they also share son Rocky, who turned 4-years-old last month. But the Buffy actress is passionate about cooking as well, and she even launched her own baking line called Foodstirs last year.

With her Foodstirs baking line, Gellar is currently penning her new book to be released in 2017, which will outline the principles of food decoration and will teach the art of food crafting from scratch.

Although it’s unclear whether Freddie Prinze Jr. and Gellar’s son, Rocky, is already learning to cook at his age, there is every chance that he will be a great cook as well.

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