Did Grigor Dimitrov Know About Maria Sharapova Doping Before Leaving For Girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger Before U.S. Open 2015?

Grigor Dimitrov ended his relationship with Maria Sharapova just months before she failed to pass the doping test. In fact, it was in July 2015, right before the U.S. Open and it would be at Australian Open 2016 that Maria was shown positive for using melodium. So it’s no wonder tennis fans are wondering if the Bulgarian player knew about her doping tendencies before the public found out.

Whether or not he was aware of Maria taking melodium, he did speak about the fact that she is being punished by Court of Arbitration for Sport.

“If you do something, I mean obviously there are circumstances,” he said, according to RFI. “And whoever does something deserves what he gets for sure.”

Ouch. That’s a big blow to get from your ex-boyfriend.

To soften the blow, Grigor added some nice remarks about his ex-girlfriend.

“I think tennis misses her,” he said. “As a competitor she’s just going to come back and she’s going to be so hungry to play and excited and motivated.”

Let’s hope that his words will not start any feuds when the Russian tennis player returns to professional tennis!

Maria Sharapova has been trying all summer long to get her suspension shortened. To some extent, she was successful. Her two-year ban was reduced to 15 months after she made a case that she has been “taking meldonium for 10 years for health reasons” but that she was not aware that “it had been added to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of banned substances in January 2016.”


After the split though, Grigor Dimitrov has not been doing excellently either. Long gone are the days that he was the top 10 players in men’s tennis. He hit a very low point earlier this year, coming in at No. 35, but he did make improvements in his game. While he has not won any major tournaments in 2016, he did boost his rankings to No. 20 in the world, which isn’t too bad considering how low he had fallen.

On the other hand, his love life is going splendidly. He has been seeing Nicole Scherzinger for almost a full year now and they are completely besotted with each other.

“Nicole Scherzinger recently gushed over her new romance with tennis ace Grigor Dimitrov, insisting she’s happier than ever – and she certainly looks it,” reports Mirror UK. “The brunette beauty, 38, was snapped showing off her killer figure in a cut-out crochet leotard and tiny denim hot pants during a break with her man, 25, in Portofino, Italy. Walking arm in arm, the pair were all smiles as they enjoyed a romantic stroll, before dining outside together – no doubt enjoying a break from their busy work schedules.”

Some people thought that he parted ways with Maria Sharapova because she was a lot more successful than he was, both on court and in her business endeavors. But being with his current girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger has not boosted his career much.

In fact, in the U.S. Open 2016, Andy Murray was so dominant in the game against the Bulgarian that the commentators were in awe of his performance.

“This has been such a blowout, the sky is crying,” John McEnroe, a tennis legend, exclaimed.

Despite his tennis skills, his girlfriend has been very supportive of him.

“I’m a very loving person,” she said to Mirror UK. “We’ve been together for quite some time now, so I’m just living in the moment and I’m happy. It’s good for girls to be with nice guys. Respect the nice ones – they can win! He’s so damn cute.”

Do you think Grigor Dimitrov is secretly happy about the ban that Maria Sharapova received? Or do you think he has gained so much distance that he does not care? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]