‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7: Melissa McBride Dishes On Carol Meeting Ezekiel In The Kingdom [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead returns in just a little more than two weeks, and while TWD fans have been trying to figure out who Negan kills, there are plenty of other changes coming for Season 7. Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on the series, recently spoke with EW about the moral crisis her character is suffering through, and about a potential new beginning in The Kingdom with Ezekiel. Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers follow, so stop reading now if you want to avoid them.

Walking Dead fans last saw Carol showing remorse for all the people she’s had the kill to survive, and even showing some suicidal tendencies. She also got herself shot while separated from most of Rick’s group in the Walking Dead Season 6 finale, so it’s fair to say she’s safe from Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) for the time being, even if McBride’s own mom asked if Carol was the one Negan killed. Mama McBride needs to pay a little closer attention, right?

Melissa McBride as Carol on The Walking Dead
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Morgan (Lennie James) is the only thing holding together the woman who single-handedly MacGyver-ed Rick’s gang out of Terminus in Season 5 of The Walking Dead. Fortunately, McBride reveals both will get a little assistance when TWD resumes.

“Carol’s obviously been wounded. She and Morgan both were helped out by members of what we’ll come to know as The Kingdom, which many of your comic book readers will already know what that is.”

So for the time being, the TV version of Carol on The Walking Dead looks like she’ll dodge her comic book fate. But even though it looks like she may pull herself up out of her downward spiral, how did one of the absolute toughest characters on TWD sink to such a low?

“Where this all started, it was such a culmination of events, and just a string of taking people’s lives. She’s having difficulty coming to terms with those actions in her mind and the ‘what ifs’ — what we should have done, what we could of done. Would it make a difference? And I think it’s just very hard for her to be on the fence and unable to decide one way or another. It’s best for her just to go if she doesn’t feel like she’s emotionally or mentally equipped to make a decision to take another life to protect a loved one, and she just can’t be around them.”

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While Melissa McBride confirmed that Carol will spend some time in The Kingdom with Ezekiel this season on The Walking Dead, the actress refused to give away too much to TWD fans. She left it open as to whether or not the residents of The Kingdom would accept her and vice versa. She also didn’t go into details about Carol’s physical recovery from being shot in that Walking Dead Season 6 finale.

Ezekiel on The Walking Dead
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But one thing McBride told EW fans they can count on is that Carol’s street smarts will make her at least a little skeptical of finding another alleged paradise on The Walking Dead, especially one led by a man named Ezekiel with a pet tiger, which is bound to throw anyone off kilter.

“Well, I imagine it’s very bizarre, and particularly with a character like Carol who doesn’t stand for a whole lot of bulls**t, there’s just no time. So it’ll be interesting to see how she thinks of Ezekiel and his Kingdom. You know, she’s been here before. It’s too good to be true. It’s very beautiful. I can tell you that. It’s a bit unreal.”

Will this new, vulnerable Carol be willing to accept help from others, or will it make her feel a sense of obligation she’d rather avoid, given how she has traditionally been the one to make the hard decisions in the past. Just ask Lizzie, and never “look at the flowers” if Carol requests it. You Walking Dead fans know what I am talking about.

“[H]ere she is in another community and these people are helping her. Is she going to feel obligated? Is she going to feel an obligation? Is she going to form relationships with the people at the Kingdom and then be stuck in that same problem? I can’t love these people because I just don’t have it in me to kill for them. She’s got to have some respite to figure it out.”

Come on, Carol, you’ve had the whole summer to try to sort out these emotions. There ain’t no therapy sessions or Prozac in the zombie post-apocalypse.

The Walking Dead returns October 23 on AMC.

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