Why Paul Abrahamian Could End Up Being The Real Winner Of ‘Big Brother 18’

Paul Abrahamian may have landed in second place to Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 18, but his post-show endeavors could allow him to continue to ride — and cash in on — the Big Brother train. Abrahamian’s clothing line is enjoying a major surge in sales thanks to his BB18 fame, and that could just be the beginning for this 23-year-old entrepreneur.


Paul Abrahamian coined phrases like “Friendship” and “Never Cared” while in the Big Brother house, and T-shirts with those phrases have been selling out on his Deadskull website.


In addition, Paul Abrahamian’s post-hardcore band, Reviver, recently released several new songs that they previously recorded for their EP. While a message on the Reviver Facebook page says the band has put music on hold for now, it’s clear that Paul’s Big Brother notoriety has increased interest in the band, which could pave the way for more musical endeavors for the L.A. guitarist.


Paul Abrahamian has already said his beard has created opportunities for him in the past, so imagine what the Big Brother exposure will do for him. In a 2014 interview with the Beard Mag, Abrahamian revealed that he originally started posing for promo photos to promote his band and music. But thanks to the “beard trend,” he got noticed, and it segued into a modeling career.

“I’ve met so many awesome people and got to work with so many companies that I never thought that I would ever get to do,” Paul said at the time. “Through those people/companies, many more doors just keep opening up and I’m extremely excited to continue this little journey. Also, it’s not only the opportunities, I’m meeting some awesome people and making some great friends, which I think is far more valuable than anything else.”

Even back then, it was all about friendship, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Paul score more modeling gigs in the future.


In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter on Facebook Live, Paul Abrahamian said fan reaction has been positive since he vacated the Big Brother house. While he maintains that he “never cared” and that it was all “just a game,” Paul became a fan favorite, and many viewers feel he was robbed of the $500,000 grand prize by a jaded jury. Abrahamian says he is in the process of reading bags and bags of fan mail, and he plans to personally answer every letter back.

Abrahamian also revealed that he hasn’t received his $50,000 runner-up check yet, and he joked that it’s probably all a sham. Not that he cares. In an interview with Us Weekly, Paul said he is more into experiences that money.

“Money doesn’t really bring my happiness,” Paul said. “I’m an experience kind of guy. I’m a musician, I own my own clothing brand, so I’m just going to invest in my creations and hopefully people dig them.”


In addition to investing in his brand, Paul also confirmed that he will do fan meet-and-greets and a tour in Canada with Big Brother bestie Victor Arroyo. Abrahamian said he doesn’t want to charge fans to come and have a drink with him, so he is still working out the details to make it work.


In an earlier interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Paul said he was initially hesitant to apply to be on Big Brother because he never thought he would get on it. Once he was cast on the show, Abrahamian wondered how he would be able to cope with being sequestered in a house with a bunch of strangers all summer.

“Where is all this energy going to go?” Paul said ahead of his Big Brother stay. “I want to see how I’ll get all this energy out because I can’t play music, I can’t sing, and create new stuff for my brand. I can’t travel or go out. So I’m curious to see where this energy is going to go.”

At the time, Paul Abrahamian predicted that he would win the game because he doesn’t care about money or fame. While he didn’t win the game, he definitely won some friends for life.

Take a look at the video below to see Paul Abrahamian talking about his experience on Big Brother. Note: The clip contains explicit language.

[Featured Image: CBS Big Brother/Instagram]