October 5, 2016
'Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler: Is He Really Like Dr. Spencer Reid?

Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler brought Dr. Spencer Reid to life in the phenomenal crime show. Over the years, Gubler has become a heartthrob for young girls and a fascination for a host of older viewers who wonder if anyone could ever really be like Spencer?

Matthew Gray Gubler, as it turns out, changed the original character quite a lot with his quirky presence. According to Zimbo, Matthew was repeatedly rejected for the role of Dr. Spencer Reid.

"I Think I was too gregarious. Originally they wanted the character to be more stoic, like Data from Star Trek. Maybe they were worried I would bring too much weirdness."
Criminal Minds' casting department turned Matthew down more than three times before realizing he would actually be perfect for the role. They were so convinced he was totally wrong for the part because he didn't match their preconceived ideas, but eventually, the real Spencer Reid was born despite their reservations.

Criminal Minds casting originally said Matthew Gray Gubler was wonderful.

"You are so wonderful but so wrong."
Matthew Gray Gubler didn't fit their vision for Dr. Reid at all, but eventually he proved to be the perfect, one and only Dr. Spencer Reid. How many times has Reid's quirkiness made Criminal Minds more interesting?

Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds in a suit and tie
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Criminal Minds' heartthrob Matthew Gray Gubler brings a lot to the table in terms of acting ability and the ability to build interest. In addition to his quirky sort of outlook, Gubler brings a genuine warmth and a sort of innocent sweetness into what could easily become a heartless gore fest, if it were not for characters like Spencer, Penelope, and J.J.

So what is Matthew Gray Gubler like? The real person behind Dr. Spencer Reid was the voice for Simon the Chipmunk. His absolute favorite holiday is Halloween which he thinks about and tweets about all year long according to Entertainment Weekly. Gubler once tweeted, "I Love Halloween so much it hurts"

Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler refers to his home as a haunted tree house. He keeps several silk Kimonos in a closet by his front door and he wears one of them when he is home. He has a human skull on his writing desk. He also built his own fireplace with secret hidden stash compartments.


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Matthew Gray Gubler is not just an actor, though he has played quite a few roles. He is also an artist and occasionally a writer and producer. Like Spencer Reid, Matthew is really smart, but he is more of a creative genius with a lot of artistic talent.

Overall, Matthew Gray Gubler is a bit reminiscent of Dr. Who in his overall persona. He is witty and fun and yet sweet and warm. He is also strikingly similar to Dr. Reid, but a bit more zany, outgoing, and fun loving.

Unfortunately, Matthew Gray Gubler doesn't really have the type of speed reading and memory capabilities of Dr. Spencer Reid. Matthew says he has to study a lot to keep up with the more intellectual ideas Dr. Reid has. Learning the medical terminology alone takes up a good bit of his rare and precious free time.

Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler is like Dr. Spencer Reid, except a lot more fun.

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