Kate Gosselin Rumors: ‘Kate Plus 8’ Star Admits To Spanking Son

The latest Kate Gosselin rumors seem to be more disturbing than ever before: reports are beginning to surface that the star of TLC’s hit show Kate Plus 8 admitted to spanking her special needs son, Collin, who is currently in anger management therapy to deal with his issues!

These explosive Kate Gosselin rumors are brought to us courtesy of In Touch Weekly, who are the first to report about these explosive claims after speaking to Robert Hoffman, author of the book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World. Hoffman said that the 41-year-old mother and reality star admitted to reacting to Collin with physical discipline after he’d spilled a bag of beans and knocked over the high chairs, and according to Hoffman, she recounted this story with nearly a sense of pride… even though Collin was only a baby at the time this happened.

“I was instantly SO angry, that I grabbed him and spanked him as hard as I could and thought I may seriously injure him so I sent him to his crib until [her ex-husband] Jon [Gosselin] came home.”

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Unfortunately, the “Monster Mom” accusations against Kate Gosselin only get worse, as Radar Online further expounds on these Kate Gosselin rumors. In addition to Kate admitting that she was “too rough” with Collin in that situation and others, Kate has been exposing all of her family’s secrets without any concern for their welfare, loses boyfriend after boyfriend because of her narcissistic personality, and even admitted that she sees herself becoming another version of her father, whom she admitted was an abusive parent. Hoffman recalls that Kate said:

“I saw my dad in myself today and that really scares me! Lord, I am begging you to help me be a loving, caring, kind and slow-to-anger mommy. Please stop me somehow from hurting my kids.”

Kate also admitted to Hoffman that she frequently disciplined her children with a wooden spoon, and in a court deposition that took place in March 2015, Kate’s ex-husband Jon told the courts that Kate would often leave “huge red welts” all over her children. And though Kate hasn’t been charged with any crime involving child abuse, she still believes she is disciplining her kids properly.

Are the Kate Gosselin rumors about her abusing her children true? [Image by Kris Connor/Getty Images]

According to Us Weekly‘s report on the latest Kate Gosselin rumors, Kate’s not above the mental and emotional abuse of her children, either, as her recently-revealed 2010 letter to Collin demonstrates. Though she was quick to praise Collin for his math skills, Kate makes clear that she is not afraid to discipline him.

“At two and a half, you began testing and trying my parenting at every chance. I called Daddy at work many days crying because you would not obey. As you have grown, this has not changed. You continue to be determined to do what you want to do, and I continue to try to rein you in. I want you to know that I have made and will continue to make decisions based on what I believe is best for you and your brothers and sisters.”

For his part, Kate’s ex-husband Jon isn’t stepping in because, according to him, he’s been completely estranged from the children thanks to Kate. According to him, he hasn’t seen the children since 2010, and that’s all because of Kate.

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