Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Suspects Caught On Camera

The Kim Kardashian Paris robbery suspects had their faces captured on a security camera at a nearby building that houses a nail salon, according to fresh reports on the attack. French detectives are analyzing the footage as they try to understand what happened.

Kardashian, 35, was rounded up by two robbers in her Paris apartment. The attackers bound and gagged Kardashian before throwing her into a bathtub. The gunmen made off with jewelry worth $11 million, including the star’s $4.5 million diamond engagement ring.


Kardashian was in Paris for the 2016 Paris fashion week when the robbery happened. Her husband Kanye West was in New York, where he was performing when he received the report that Kardashian had been robbed at gunpoint in France. West had to cancel his performance citing a family emergency.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring
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A spokesperson for Kardashian said that the star was badly shaken by the Paris robbery incident, but added that she was physically unharmed.

Camera facing the wrong way

It is not clear how the robbers gained access to Kardashian’s apartment at the prestigious Hotel Pourtales building. But it has emerged that the hotel only had one security camera, which was actually facing the wrong way at the time the robbery occurred, thus failing to capture the drama.

The stealthy manner in which the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery happened has led some to suspect that it was an inside job, though no individual names have been named as yet. However, with everyone baffled by what happened at the Hotel Pourtales, there have been mentions of the notorious Pink Panther gang as having been behind the attack on Kardashian.


The Pink Panther gang, an organized criminal group with an international network, has a reputation for stealing jewelry in stealthy fashion. In their 30-year history, the Pink Panthers are said to have staged 370 heists and stolen diamonds worth an estimated $500 million. The fear is that if the group was the one that attacked Kardashian, then the valuables they stole many never be recovered.

Pink Panther gang members are said to hail mainly from Montenegro and Serbia. A man called Rakjo Causevic claims to be the founder of the criminal group and has at one point described the Pink Panthers as gentlemen thieves, alluding to the fact that the gang hardly engages in violent robbery.

Covert techniques

Pink Panthers employ covert techniques to in their robberies. For instance, they can disguise themselves as tourists, police officers, or workmen to gain access to the place they intend to raid.

In the case of Kim Kardashian Paris robbery, the gunmen are said to have masqueraded as policemen. The robbers are suspected to have initially tried to hang around Kardashian, with one posing as a police detective and the other as photographer. Some reports have also indicated that Kardashian may have been trailed for days before she was ambushed in her hotel apartment room and attacked.

Because Kardashian’s hotel apartment building has secret doors to help celebrities like Kardashian avoid paparazzi, the gunmen may have used them in the raid. However, the light security at the building where Kardashian was staying has raised questions, which is why the theory of an inside job in the raid has been brought up.

Before the gunmen attacked Kardashian, they first attacked a concierge at the building, whom they overpowered and bundled into a small stairwell room. As part of the investigation, the French detectives working on the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery are said to have contacted their counterparts in Belgrade, Madrid, and Interpol in Lyon, with the wider investigation net suggesting the possible involvement of the Pink Panthers.

Messing with the wrong one

West has vowed to hunt down the gunman who attacked his file in Paris. Meanwhile, the musician is said to be mulling beefing up security for his family, both at their California home and wherever they travel.

Kim Kardashian West
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Kim’s personal bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, has vowed to find those responsible. He warned the attackers that they messed up with the wrong person and that they would be found.

“The event in Paris was one of the most sickening things I have seen or heard,” said the bodyguard.

When the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery happened, the star was not with her two kids – Sait, 10 months old, and North West, three years old.

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