Kim Kardashian Robbery: Zayn Malik ‘Relieved’ That He Was With Gigi Hadid In Paris When It Happened

Gigi Hadid is no stranger to the No Address Hotel where Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint. This is why Zayn Malik is thankful that he was with the 21-year-old model when it happened.

While the couple was in Paris to support Kendall Jenner, the 23-year-old singer has been playing the “stage boyfriend” role as well. He has been photographed accompanying Gigi during various shows and according to a Hollywood Life insider, Zayn “is so relieved that he’s with Gigi in Paris to protect her and be by her side” when the unthinkable happened to Kim. The runway model has reportedly visited the hotel “many times” for parties. Following the robbery, Gigi has added “two more bodyguards to her entourage.

Prior to Kim being robbed, Gigi had to deal with a frightening ordeal when a man grabbed and tried to pick her up just outside the venue of the Max Mara show in Milan, Italy. Gigi made headlines for she defended herself even before her security team could intervene.

Meanwhile, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is still traumatized. Harrowing details of the heist continue to emerge. The suspects allegedly stalked her days before they have executed the crime. The two men reportedly pretended to be a photographer and an undercover detective in order to tail Kim without raising her suspicions.

Kim Kardashian attends the Givenchy show as part of the Paris Fashion Week [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

The robbery allegedly left Kanye West’s wife begging for her life. At first, she thought she would be raped, but the attackers bound and placed her in the bathroom. They have stolen jewels amounting to $10 million. Authorities first thought that the robbery was the work of the infamous Pink Panther Gang. The international crime organization has about 200 “workers” who have been involved in several robberies over the years.

However, the robbery continues to raise the eyebrows of some who believe that the mother-of-two fabricated the story in exchange of a media firestorm. Private investigator Patricia D’Orsa-Dijamco tells TMZ that the story is filled with questionable holes.

“How did Kardashian free herself from being tied up in the bathroom? Or who found Kardashian in the hotel room or bathroom? Where was her security and hotel security personnel or hotel security cameras? If this was a publicity stunt, she could be in big trouble for making a false police report. Does ‘Ryan Lochte’ sound familiar?”

U.S. swimmer Lochte came under fire for lying about being robbed at the Rio Olympics.

FOX reports that police trial expert Michael Levine thought that the robbery was a hoax.

“The amount of terrorism problems, threats and investigations ongoing in France right now likely has every man and woman with a badge working double-time, so if you wanted to run a hoax or publicity stunt, and I am not saying that is what they did, but France would be the place to do it.”

An NYPD detective also told the news outlet that the robbery could have been legit, but Kim appeared to have embellished some of the details. Online users speculate on what could have motivated Kim if the robbery was indeed made-up.

Some believe that it could be an attempt to generate buzz for the upcoming new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that will debut on Oct. 23. There are those who insist that Kim wants the “spotlight back” for it’s been focused on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt these past few weeks.

Nonetheless, pop culture expert Lex Jurgen told FOX that there’s no reason for Kim to lie about being robbed because “she has so many ways to get publicity that don’t involve her getting arrested for lying to the police.” Jurgen mentioned that Kim could plan a wardrobe malfunction at the prestigious event and still get millions of hits.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]