Why Iraq Disqualifies Hillary Clinton From The Presidency

Hillary Clinton has done many evil things that we know of, and probably still other evil things that we’ve yet to learn about, but her support of the Iraq invasion alone proves her unfit for the presidency.

Let’s take a little wander through recent history.

This Time article from the end of the year 2000 reported that Saddam Hussein’s regime broke with OPEC convention and stopped selling their oil exclusively in U.S. dollars, beginning to sell it in euros instead. In the spring of 2003, the U.S. and coalition forces invaded Iraq, and according to this FTM article released weeks after the invasion, the conquered nation was back to selling oil exclusively in U.S. dollars again.

The month before a sovereign nation was invaded to secure Iraqi oil and restore the U.S. petrodollar under the false pretense of overthrowing a dictator who possessed weapons of mass destruction, the streets were filled with millions upon millions of protesters in what Time magazine accurately labeled the biggest protest in world history. I was one of those protesters.

“No blood for oil!” was the constant cry in those protests. It was easily the most common chant I heard at any of them. People everywhere had signs with those words written on them – “No blood for oil,” “No war for oil,” over and over and over again. It was everywhere. Before it even began, nobody who had done their homework ever believed the invasion had anything to do with WMDs.

Everyone knew back then that the unconscionable bloodbath they were about to witness was about oil. Even if they didn’t understand the complex concept of petrodollar recycling, or the massive economic edge America gains from being able to buy oil with a currency it can print at will, or the way global demand for U.S. dollars helps America get cheap exports from other countries who need oil, anyone with two brain cells to rub together understood that it had something to do with oil. Even if they didn’t know the history of America using the carrot of military allegiance and the stick of military retribution to leverage OPEC nations into selling their oil exclusively in U.S. dollars, anyone capable of critical thinking knew that it had something to do with oil.

I never bought the war propaganda that was being spewed out 24/7 by corporate media conglomerates. I wasn’t special though. There were millions upon millions of us who didn’t not believe it, including the congressman from Vermont, Bernie Sanders. I was one of the countless legions of people who did not believe in the stated reasons for that war. Hell, even the U.S. military quickly switched from calling the invasion “Operation Iraqi Liberation” to “Operation Iraqi Freedom” when they realized that the former spelled the acronym OIL.

But maybe you believed their lies back then. Maybe you really believed that America just goes around selflessly protecting the world from mean, nasty dictators wherever they show up out of the goodness of its starred-and-striped heart. If you did, guess what? You shouldn’t be the President of the United States of America. You shouldn’t be the head of the world’s most powerful military force if you’re not capable of connecting dots and thinking critically about a possibility that even late-night talk-show hosts openly made jokes about back then. No offense, and I’m sure you’re a lovely human being, but I think that’s a reasonable thing to say.

New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton knew, though. There is simply no way that the hopeful heir to the Clinton dynasty had no basic understanding of Iraq’s relationship with oil and the American economy. She also knew what bombs and bullets do to the human body. She knew that tremendous death, destruction, suffering, looting, robbery, rape, chaos, terrorism, and exploitation necessarily come hand-in-hand with any militarily enforced regime change. She knew these things, but she chose to help make the Iraq war happen anyway.

This remains without a doubt the single most evil thing that Hillary Clinton has ever taken part in during her time upon this earth. I know that those of you who oppose her are all hoping for some magical silver bullet to cripple or kill her campaign in some deus ex machina revelation from WikiLeaks, and who knows? We might even get one. But it is in my opinion virtually impossible for there to be anything in any leak that could be worse than a politician helping to murder thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women and children just because her neoliberal bosses aren’t ready to unplug from their petroleum-based cash cow just yet.

Children ripped apart by cluster munitions. Women taken as sex slaves by newly-formed terrorist factions. A million dead, millions displaced, unfathomable devastation, and suffering which will reverberate throughout the region for generations. All over some black stuff in the ground that we’re going to have to stop using soon anyway.

Evil. Pure, unadulterated evil. There is nothing else that you can possibly call it.

If you are a Hillary supporter, you may at this time be scrambling to equivocate, saying “Well it wasn’t just her who voted for it! It was Bush’s war, and other Senators supported it too!”

Rubbish. If Hillary Clinton had taken part in a gang rape in 2003, would you be making the same argument? “It wasn’t just her, though! That other guy started it; Hillary just helped hold the girl down!”

You wouldn’t? Well, guess what: I’m the last woman in the world to trivialize the matter of rape, and I tell you that the Iraq invasion brought far, far more devastation, suffering, and indeed, more rape into the world than any instance of sexual assault ever has. If she had helped to visit an equal amount of destruction and misery upon the United States of America, she and her accomplices would be remembered as among the very worst people ever to have lived. Shame on anyone who responds to this article in an attempt to defend that unforgivable act.

She helped bring that inferno of ruination into our world. That happened. Everyone’s been trying to nail her on emails, Benghazi, and the Clinton foundation, but the most spectacularly horrific thing that she has ever done was perfectly legal and is a matter of public record. She chose war over peace, and she did it as a matter of political convenience to assure her continued ascent up the political ladder to the Oval Office.

If that doesn’t disqualify her from the presidency, what would? Seriously, I really want a Hillary supporter to answer me this. If your candidate’s complicity in dashing that hell-on-Earth upon our species isn’t enough to disqualify her from the highest political office in the world, what would be? If what she did isn’t an indefensible evil, what is? I really want to learn more about you, dear Hillary supporter. Show me where your moral hard line is. Really. I’m honestly curious. Where would a Hillary supporter draw the line?

Hillary Clinton helped make the Iraq invasion possible in the exact same way that a lynch mob member helps make a lynching possible. And now she keeps picking fights with Russia. Whether it’s over cyberattacks or Syria, the woman who helped create a war in order to secure political power has been using that power to raise her hawkish fists over and over again to the nose of a country which has more nuclear warheads than America, and she isn’t even president yet.

How did we get here? This woman clearly is not qualified to be president. How has democracy failed us as spectacularly as our protests failed us in 2003 to leave us staring down the barrel of nuclear annihilation?

This is scary, you guys. Can we do something, please?

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