‘Autumn In The Vineyard’: Hallmark Wine Movie Just In Time For Fall Harvest, Starring Rachel Leigh Cook, Brendan Penny

Autumn in the Vineyard, the latest Hallmark movie to roll out this weekend, is just in time for Hallmark’s Fall Harvest celebration.

Directed by Scott Smith and written by Suzette Couture, Autumn in the Vineyard, which is based on the book by Marina Adair, is about a wine vineyard owner who butts heads with another person who is claiming ownership. It is executive produced by Rachel Leigh Cook, Suzette Couture, Jim Head, Michael Prupas, Joel S. Rice, Scott Smith, and Shawn Williamson. Autumn in the Vineyard stars Rachel Leigh Cook and Brendan Penny, according to the Visalia Times-Delta.


Autumn in the Vineyard Hallmark Movie Synopsis

Frankie Baldwin has had enough of her father’s company. She’s worked her way up at Baldwin Farms and expected to receive a lucrative position. Now that her father has hired another person for the job, Frankie strikes out on her own in an effort to buy her own vineyard and produce her own wines. The opportunity comes quickly enough, and before long, Frankie Baldwin is the owner of Sorrento Farms, a gorgeous stretch of land in her hometown. However, what seems like a clean purchase proves to be a muddy mess as Frankie finds herself in a vineyard battle with another man who claims that he has full rights to the property.

Meanwhile, Frankie bumps into a friend at the Fall Festival, where she learns that her ex-boyfriend, Nate Deluca, is back in town to help his father run the family business after years of studying for his Ph.D. Avoiding him is not an option, since Frankie will soon learn that not only is her boyfriend back in town, but he is also the new owner of Deluca Farms, a wine vineyard that has been in direct competition with Baldwin Farms for years. Deluca is also the other man who is claiming full rights to the picturesque land on which her vineyard sits.


Constantly butting heads while trying to work it out, it’s a back-and-forth battle between Nate Deluca and Frankie Baldwin until they decide to settle it by seeing who can produce the most grapes for an upcoming competition for Autumn Harvest. Whoever wins will be the new owner of the entire property.

Although they are at odds, the more contact Nate has with Frankie, the more he begins to develop romantic feelings for her. Now, realizing that he isn’t completely over her, Nate thinks that with a bit of nurturing and care, a new relationship can grow, one that will fix their lonely hearts and finally settle the dispute over the vineyard.

Actress Rachael Leigh Cook (via Hallmark)

“Rachael Leigh Cook’s beauty and versatility combine to establish her as one of the most talented young actresses in Hollywood. Her memorable
and riveting performance in the 1998 anti-heroin ‘kitchen smashing’ public service
announcement (‘This is your brain…’) led to her first starring role in Miramax’s breakout hit ‘She’s All That,’ the enchanting teen comedy costarring Freddie Prinze Jr. Cook’s next role put her comedic ability to work in the title role of aspiring rock star Josie McCoy in Universal’s ‘Josie and the Pussycats’ alongside Parker Posey and Rosario Dawson”

Actor Brendan Penny (via Hallmark)

“Brendan Penny recently came off 4 seasons of the award winning CTV/ABC crime-drama series ‘Motive’ from the producers of ‘Dexter’ and ‘The Mentalist.’ Brendan played Detective Brian Lucas opposite Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira and Lauren Holly. On the film front, Penny can be seen in ‘The Virginian’ [Revelation Media, Vivendi Entertainment], opposite Ron Perlman and Trace Adkins.”


Real Life

The name choice for the film was extremely inviting, making one curious to know if there were any businesses with a similar name. Here are two.

  • Autumn Creek Vineyards is a North Carolina producer of some of the juiciest grapes around. There, they offer wedding services and wine and cheese pairings.
  • At Autumn Hill Vineyards in Virginia, visitors can enjoy the elegant grounds and some of the finest selection of wines available. Cabins are also prepped to accommodate guests.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Hallmark Channel’s Autumn in the Vineyard was filmed in Canada, according to What’s Filming. You’ll want to tune in this Saturday, October 8 at 9/8 p.m. Central on the Hallmark Channel. After the movie, be sure to head over to Hallmark’s official site, where you can enter for a chance to win a trip to Aspen. Love on a Limb premiered on the Hallmark Channel last week.

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