Tamra Judge Thinks What Vicki Gunvalson Is Doing To Shannon Beador Is ‘Absolutely Disgusting’

Tamra Judge thinks what Vicki Gunvalson is doing to Shannon Beador is “absolutely disgusting.”

On Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki threatened to expose a supposedly big secret that Shannon is hiding. Gunvalson said it involves Beador’s relationship with her husband, David, and it’s something that could hurt her entire family. This has left the RHOC cast confused about what Vicki is talking about and Shannon seemingly clueless about what Vicki claims she has on her.

In her confessional interview on the show, Vicki told viewers that Shannon told her something in confidence a long time ago about her marriage to David, and if Shannon pushes her hard enough, she’ll spill the secret to everyone.

Tamra Judge is furious with Vicki for threatening her the way she is. Tamra wanted Vicki to acknowledge the phone call she got from Shannon after the accident in Glamis. Judge says it’s evident that Vicki wants to hold a grudge against Shannon for not visiting her in the hospital. Shannon didn’t know how serious the accident was for Vicki until she was released from the hospital, but Vicki felt Shannon should have shown more compassion despite the severity of it.

“It seemed like Vicki clearly wanted to hold on to the fact Shannon didn’t see her at the hospital. Almost like she had the upper hand now,” Tamra Judge wrote in Bravo blog on Tuesday.

When Beador made an attempt to talk with Gunvalson at Meghan King Edmonds’ candle party, she was icy towards her. This upset Tamra Judge because she thinks that Vicki is bullying Shannon.

“Vicki was not warm and accepting even though Shannon spoke to her nicely. Then Vicki calls her a liar,” Tamra Judge continued in her blog post. “I knew that wasn’t going to go over too well. Shannon is an open book. I know that for sure. I found it very disturbing when Vicki said, ‘I have secrets about Shannon and David that Shannon told me in confidence. I keep it in a box with a pad lock, and the key hidden. I might reveal the secret that she doesn’t want anyone to know.’ Oh s***, that’s down right low!”

Tamra Judge doesn’t think Shannon Beador has anything to hide and that Vicki Gunvalson is just trying to scare her. Even if Vicki has something on Shannon, Tamra thinks it’s awful. She questions why Vicki would want to make things worse for a family that’s already gone through enough pain.

“Bottom line, Vicki is a bully. To say that she has a secret about Shannon that would hurt her family is just absolutely disgusting,” Tamra Judge added.

At the end of the episode, Shannon tried getting along with Vicki at Heather Dubrow’s book release party. While the other women were shocked that Shannon was laughing and making small talk with Vicki, they were relieved to see that the two women weren’t fighting. Vicki was guarded while interacting with Shannon, but she wasn’t combative. Tamra Judge was happy to see them at least putting on a good front.

What secret does Vicki have over Shannon, and why would she expose it knowing that it could hurt her family? Whatever the big secret is, some fans question if Shannon is really threatened because she tried being nice to Vicki after their confrontation, which is perhaps her way of assuring that the secret would remain quiet.

Tamra Judge doesn’t think Shannon has a secret, calling her an “open book.” More will evolve when the cast hits Ireland. According to the spoilers released for RHOC, there’s a lot of secrets set to be exposed.

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