‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Update: Is Dakota Johnson Dating Andrew Garfield?

Does Fifty Shades Darker‘s Dakota Johnson have a new man in her life?

As rumors continue to swirl in regard to Dakota Johnson’s alleged romance with her Fifty Shades Darker co-star, Jamie Dornan, a new report suggests that Johnson isn’t secretly dating Dornan. Instead, claims a source, Dakota Johnson appears to have struck up a romance with another one of her co-stars.

“Dakota Johnson and Andrew Garfield are rumoured to be dating,” the International Business Times revealed to readers on October 3.

The Under the Silver Lake co-stars have reportedly embarked on a romance after her split from Matthew Hitt and his breakup from Emma Stone. Although filming was believed to have gotten underway just weeks ago, rumors regarding Dakota Johnson’s potential new romance began swirling weeks ago.

In early September, HNGN claimed Dakota Johnson and Andrew Garfield were reportedly enjoying a “progressing relationship” with one another and said they had an “undeniable red-hot chemistry” during screen tests for their new film. The report also stated that Dakota Johnson and her rumored boyfriend often shared inside jokes and spoke regularly via text message and video chat.

In June, Dakota Johnson was confirmed to have split from her longtime boyfriend Matthew Hitt and months prior, Garfield and his ex-girlfriend, Emma Stone, chose to end their relationship.

Continuing on to readers, HNGN revealed news of Dakota Johnson’s alleged romance with Garfield had reached her Fifty Shades Darker co-star, Jamie Dornan, who was said to have been “bothered” and “jealous” over the news.

“Reports also say that Dornan admitted that he will miss working with his co-stars from the film that definitely includes Dakota Johnson. Both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have refuted romantic connections between the two of them,” the outlet concluded.

Years ago, Dakota Johnson, who is celebrating her 27th birthday today, was linked to Jake Gyllenhaal, but after what was believed to have been a very brief romance, she got serious with Hitt and remained in a dating relationship with Hitt until 2015 when the couple parted ways for several weeks. Then, after getting back together, Dakota Johnson and Matthew Hitt called it quits for a second time in June of this year.

“[Dakota Johnson] and Matthew have dated on-and-off for the past two years,” a source told Just Jared, according to a report by E! News at the time. “They didn’t get a chance to see much of each other recently because their work schedules didn’t align. She’s been up in Vancouver shooting the Fifty Shades trilogy.”

After news of Dakota Johnson and Matthew Hitt’s split hit the web, Johnson was linked to Jake Gyllenhaal once again.

“Even though it was just a fling, [Dakota Johnson] had really strong feelings for [Jake Gyllenhaal] so when he dumped her out of the blue, she was really shocked,” a source revealed to Heat magazine, via Morning News USA. “But it was all because Jake freaked out, as he’s a bit of a commitment-phobe.”

While Gyllenhaal was reportedly the one who cut ties with Dakota Johnson a while back, he was said to have been faced with major regrets in the years that followed and feels she may have been the one who got away.

For more of Dakota Johnson, be sure to check out Fifty Shades Darker when the film hits theaters in February 2017 and check out the trailer for the upcoming movie below.

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