‘American Horror Story’ Renewed For Season 7: ‘AHS’ Season 7 To Get 2017 Premiere Date

American Horror Story Season 6 may only be three episodes in, but FX has already confirmed that there will definitely be a seventh season. The premiere date is set for next year, but what does Ryan Murphy have planned?

If you wanted to find out about cast news or season theories, you will, unfortunately, be disappointed. There isn’t any news yet — just that FX has definitely confirmed American Horror Story Season 7. While it comes in 2017, this does follow the speculation from earlier this year that there will be two seasons within the fall schedule.


Murphy had previously teased that there were two stories and two sets of writers. Fans immediately theorized that the showrunner was working on running two seasons of American Horror Story back to back.

Now there are theories that the two stories have been for the one season. Murphy has hinted that there will be a major twist in American Horror Story Season 6 in the sixth episode. The showrunner says that what we have been currently watching isn’t the real story. Does this mean that we will pull back to find out that someone has been watching the documentary on his own TV?

What does it mean for AHS Season 7? Will we have to wait until fall 2017 to catch the premiere?

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So far, we really don’t know anything. According to Entertainment Weekly, Murphy has the story idea for American Horror Story Season 7, and it sounds like he is sticking with it. He recently shared that while he mulls some ideas around for a while, he knows that at some point he’ll sit up in bed knowing “that’s it!” on one of the stories. That has happened each time so far, and he says it is a relief when it finally happens.

“It comes to me as it always comes to me. I sit up and bed and I say ‘That’s it!’ I have been mulling a couple of ideas and I wasn’t loving it.”

Fans should expect American Horror Story Season 7 to be full of mystery until the premiere date. It has worked well for the showrunner and the network so far. There were so many speculations over the theme for this year’s story, but people had to wait until the premiere to find out what it was all about.

The network went as far as releasing different promos and then stated that only one of them was a real promo for the season’s storyline. That had more people talking on social media as they struggled to find out what was going on with the show. Fans didn’t even get to know if certain actors and actresses were coming back until the premiere when they appeared!


Murphy has said that the story idea for Season 7 is “narratively strange.” This is going to be another season like the current one, where things will be shaken up for the fans. Murphy wants to keep things new and exciting to draw in the crowds.

There could also be a Season 8 coming up later. Murphy has said that he and one writer have been working on a storyline in secret. There are currently no plans to release it, and it doesn’t have an actual season date. Could this actually be the final season that ties in every single AHS together? Could it be a way to completely wrap up in the show that feels suitable for the fans?


American Horror Story Season 6 continues on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. This week will see the continuation of the story of the Millers, as they search for Lee’s daughter Flora and learn more about the people of Roanoke. Just what will they do now that Shelby isn’t holding up her end of the bargain to preserve her life?

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