Jinger Duggar Gets Reminded Of Courting Rules Amid Being Hot And Heavy With Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger Duggar continues to make headlines because of her relationship with Jeremy Vuolo. The two have known each other for well over a year now and began courting last December. While it wasn’t immediately announced, the two were seeing each other several months before they became engaged. As fans are watching the current season of Counting On, a lot of judgment is flying through social media. Comments about how fast moving things are have been brought up several times, but Duggar isn’t moving any quicker than her sisters did with their husbands.

It is quite apparent that there is a strong physical connection between Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. The two have done quite a bit of touching, which has been noted by several viewers. When the ring was being picked out, Ben Seewald (Jessa’s husband) and Jim Bob Duggar tagged along. It was clear that Duggar and Vuolo didn’t see eye to eye regarding the future and that Jinger may be placed in the middle of a battle between her father and soon-to-be husband.

In a preview for tonight’s Counting On episode, Jinger Duggar is being reminded of why the courtship rules are in place by her brother-in-law’s. She is seen getting a little too close with Jeremy Vuolo and they wanted to remind her to keep things a little distant and save the physical stuff for after the wedding. It was rumored that Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald broke several courtship rules during their time together, but it was never admitted. Jinger seems to be more rebellious than her sisters, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find out she has at least kissed Jeremy on more than one occasion. They are doing a long distance courtship as he is in Texas and she resides in Arkansas. The scenes where they reunite are full of what appears to be lust and genuine longing for one another.

Right now, there is no wedding date set. Jinger Duggar was in Texas a few weeks ago looking at venues so it is assumed they will be getting married near where he lives. According to the Hollywood Gossip, this is a high source of tension between Jinger Duggar and her parents. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar want her to remain in Arkansas and raise a family there while Jeremy Vuolo wants to continue his life in Texas where he is a pastor. There were also comments made about whether or not they could afford to raise a big family on a pastor’s salary. Jim Bob is trying to get his way and keep Jinger as close to the family as possible, but is being met with heavy resistance.

As everything plays out on Counting On, Jinger Duggar gets to relive those special moments in her life. It is unclear whether or not her wedding will be televised, but it is rumored that TLC is turning it into a special event. That would make sense because the seasons are not very long for Counting On and with it already airing, there is likely no time to include the wedding this time around. There is some controversy surrounding filming the event with Josh Duggar and his wife Anna in attendance. Rumors have been circulating the two would be returning to the show. TLC denied that they would allow it, but they can’t dictate who Jinger invites. It is a messy situation to say the least.

The next several weeks will give fans more details about Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. They are very much in love and it is anticipated that they will begin their family almost immediately. Right now they are fighting to remain true to their values but it is definitely apparent the physical attraction Jinger Duggar has for Jeremy Vuolo is running through her mind at all times.

[Featured Image by Jinger and Jeremy/Instagram]