Meghan King Edmonds Shares Struggle With Depression During Pregnancy

Meghan King Edmonds told her husband on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County that she was feeling sad and depressed during her pregnancy. Meghan had just learned that only one of her babies had taken and implanted in her uterus. King Edmonds is convinced that it was the baby girl because the girl was stronger than the boy. But when King Edmonds learned that she had lost one of the babies, she was completely devastated. Even though she’s happy that she is pregnant with one baby, she’s now revealing that she was depressed during her pregnancy.

According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now opening up about her depression on Twitter and she is very open and honest about not knowing that a pregnant woman could get depressed. Women often deal with postpartum depression, but Meghan’s followers are now revealing that depression during pregnancy is a very common thing.

“Antepartum depression is very common, thank you for being brave enough to share about it!” one person wrote to Meghan King Edmonds, who replied with, “I had NO idea! I was like wtf is happening. Thank goodness I knew what depression felt like and I have moved beyond the stigma.”

Meghan has been very open about her pregnancy journey, and she even started her own Instagram account for people, who wanted to get more information about the IVF process. King Edmonds wanted to use her experience to inspire and encourage others, who were going through a similar thing. But some of Meghan King Edmonds’ followers were inspired by King Edmonds’ story, and some of them were surprised that she wasn’t dealing with depression, considering she had gone through IVF and the loss of one baby.


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“Most pregnancies don’t start w/a loss + IVF. It would seem odd to NOT have mixed feelings, including depression,” one person wrote in reply to Meghan, while another added, “I admire your courage for admitting you’re on medication for depression! It’s very common and I hope things get better!”

But the majority of her followers thanked her for opening up about her personal struggles, which she could have easily kept away from The Real Housewives of Orange County. It’s clear that King Edmonds isn’t about to hold back on anything as she signed up for a reality show and she wants to be open and honest about her struggles. King Edmonds had no problem opening up about her feelings and her thoughts, and it sounds like she may have inspired some people with her conversation with her husband.

“Thanks for being open and honest,” a third Twitter follower wrote to Meghan King Edmonds, thanking her for being honest and sharing both the positives and the negatives of an IVF pregnancy.

King Edmonds is expected to give birth in November, and she is getting closer to her due date. She hasn’t exactly revealed her due date, but it sounds like she has close to two months left of this pregnancy. Since she’s still flying, it sounds like she still has some time to go, as a doctor may not want her flying so close to her due date. It is possible that her due date is closer to the end of November rather than the beginning.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds’ tweets about going through a depression during pregnancy? Do you think it is inspirational that Meghan is sharing her journey through depression and educating women about depression during pregnancy?

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