'American Horror Story' Spoilers: Crazy Season 6 Theories That Could Be True

Amanda Lynne

American Horror Story Season 6 continues to baffle fans. Viewers are still very confused about what is happening during the season, which has been titled Roanoke. The documentary-style storytelling seems to have everyone waiting for the big twist that is reportedly coming in the next couple of episodes, but what could that twist be?

MTV News reports that there are a number of wild fan theories about what might be happening on American Horror Story: Roanoke. Season 6 has been a mystery to fans, and viewers are getting a bit restless for some answers. However, some of the crazy online fan theories are so good that they may prove to be true when all is said and done.

One Roanoke theory is that the documentary interview subjects, Matt, Shelby, and Lee, are all ghosts. While fans thought they knew the fates of these characters because they had lived to tell their tale they may want to think again. The three main characters might actually be dead and doing their My Roanoke Nightmare interviews from beyond the grave. This theory seems very likely since the main characters haven't fared well in previous seasons of American Horror Story. Could Matt, Shelby, and Lee actually be telling their story to the late Dr. Elias Cunningham?

Another theory about the documentary is that the show is actually one produced by former American Horror Story character, Billie Dean Howard. Billie Dean was first introduced in Season 1's Murder House. Sarah Paulson, who currently plays the dramatized version of the character Shelby, portrayed Howard in Season 1. Paulson also tackled the character again in Season 5's Hotel. During Season 5 fans learned that Billie Dean was working on reality TV unleashing her ghostly beliefs on viewers. Could Howard be the one pulling the strings behind My Roanoke Nightmare?

More American Horror Story Season 6 speculation leads some fans to believe someone who has a first name beginning with the letter R will die to complete the word "Murder" on the creepy painted wall inside the Roanoke home. Fans learned previously in the season that the house once belonged to two deranged nurses who killed elderly patients by using the first letter of their name. The pair were killing people in order to spell out the world "murder" on the wall, but they vanished before filling in the final letter. Some viewers even believe that one of the actors portraying the dramatized versions of Shelby, Matt, and Lee will have a first name beginning with R and could be the last victim of the psychotic nurses.

Perhaps the most disturbing theory is that Lady Gaga's creepy witch character may be pregnant with Matt's baby. In last week's episode, fans watched as Matt went into some sort of trance. Shelby later found her husband in the woods having sex with the witchy woman. Could a baby be born from the encounter, and if so, what will happen when the baby comes? American Horror Story has a strange love for demon children, so it's safe to say fans wouldn't be surprised if it happened. Not to mention, Season 6 has been pushing the pig storyline. Since pigs are reportedly a symbol of fertility, it seems like anything is possible.

The final theory has to do with the elusive Evan Peters. The actor has confirmed his involvement in Season 6, but he has yet to be seen on screen. While Peters' name is in the credits, fans have yet to spot him in Roanoke, and they're growing impatient waiting for him to make an appearance. Two theories surround Evan's presence on the show. The first states that the actor's unknown character could be in the control room helping to make the documentary. The other reveals that Peters could easily be the scary pig man that has been making appearances throughout the first half of Season 6.

American Horror Story fans are on the edge of their seats trying to figure out the confusing twists and turns of Season 6's Roanoke, and as mid-season draws nearer, it seems like the questions will continue to pile up before the big twist that has been promised to fans.

What are your thoughts on the latest American Horror Story Season 6 spoilers and theories? What do you think is going on in Roanoke?