Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Are Ending Their Feud, Putting Their ‘Bad Blood’ Behind Them [Report]

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are reportedly ready to put an end to their years-long feud.

According to a new report, Taylor Swift, whose song “Bad Blood” is believed to have been inspired by her fallout with former friend Perry, has initiated a meeting with her fellow singer in hopes of putting an end to their drama once and for all.

“The bad blood isn’t doing either of them any favors and it’s been informally agreed they will bury the hatchet within the next few weeks,” a source told OK! Magazine on October 4.

As the report alleged, Taylor Swift “initiated” their reportedly upcoming truce and is “prepared to say sorry.” That said, she’s also said to be demanding “some contrition from Katy’s end” as well.

“The feuding has gotten boring,” said the insider. “At the end of the day they have too many friends in common and it makes sense for them to join forces.”

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry will reportedly have a “face-to-face meeting” scheduled “within the next few weeks,” which will be highly covered by the media, as every thing that Swift does has been in the past.

“Their management teams are convinced this will be amazing publicity for both of them,” the source added.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been feuding for years, despite their past friendship, and Swift’s feud with Perry isn’t the only feud she’s involved with. In addition to having tons of tension with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, whom she split from just weeks before debuting her romance with Tom Hiddleston (who she met while she was dating Harris), Swift is also involved in a major feud with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian.

As fans of the singer may recall, Taylor Swift claimed she wasn’t involved with, or okay with, the lyrics of West’s song “Famous,” which speak of having sex with Swift and making her famous. Then, weeks after her proclamation, Kardashian proved she was lying by releasing a chat she had engaged in prior to the song’s release. During Taylor Swift’s phone call with Kanye West, the singer revealed that she was on board with the track and did not hold any ill will toward West.

If Taylor Swift and Katy Perry do end up reconciling, there is at least one person who will be happy about the end of their feud: Orlando Bloom.

“[Orlando Bloom] thinks Katy could only gain from a reconciliation with [Taylor Swift],” a source explained to Hollywood Life. “Their fans would go wild, and if they collaborated, it would break every record in history! But his main interest is Katy’s peace of mind and just doing the right thing.”

“He just thinks it’s toxic for Katy to have this long standing feud. He’s a Buddhist and has been pushing for her to make peace since they’ve been a couple, and since he’s pals with Selena Gomez, he’s offered to kind of re-introduce Katy and Taylor on better terms,” the source explained.

For years, Taylor Swift’s best friend, Selena Gomez, has been romantically linked to Bloom and while it was reportedly earlier this year that the two had hooked up in Las Vegas behind the back of Perry, Perry later denied any such thing and Gomez did as well.

So far, Taylor Swift has remained silent in regard to her potential reconciliation with Katy Perry.

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