Kit Harrington Plays ‘Bad Guy’ In New Call Of Duty, Surprises With Emmys Comedic Performance

Kit Harington has decided to unleash his dark side in an upcoming first-person shooter video game, according to GQ.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the upcoming video game from Activision, features Kit Harington in the role of a negative character named Rear Admiral Salen Kotch whose sole pursuit is to take over the entire solar system. The game will be made available on Xbox, PS4, and personal computers, and will depict Admiral Kotch as the main villain who has taken over the military power on earth.

The player will assume the role of Captain Reyes who will be confronting Kit Harrington’s Admiral Kotch by commanding a ship along with a small contingent of soldiers. Although Kit Harington features in the video game’s trailer for only a few moments, the Game of Thrones actor will be lending his voice to the animated video game character, whose design is based on the actor’s facial and physical facial features.

Kit Harrington’s character in the game is depicted as an ugly one who lets out an angry snarl in the midst of the game. Additionally, the character is shown to have a scar that bears witness to the character’s intimidating nature. The video game designers have impeccably modeled the character on Kit Harington, and it seems that the Testament of Youth actor appears to be fighting the player in space.

Kit Harrington’s association in the game might serve Activision’s purpose of increasing awareness about the upcoming game in the Call of Duty video game franchise, which, by all accounts, needs to be resuscitated.

The video game company might be successful in marketing the game, but gaming enthusiasts and critics cite that Kit Harrington might be better suited to portray the character of “The Jock” in Zombies in Spaceland, a bonus game that comes bundled with pre-ordered editions of Infinite Warfare. The “Jock” character is a typical 80s stereotype of an athletic person who actively participates in sports.

For some, it seems natural to link Kit Harrington to a jock character as the actor most famously plays the role of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, who is a warrior and a fighter with an energetic personality. Apart from Kit Harington’s acting skills, it is the entire effort of the Game of Thrones team which has taken the television series and its characters to greater heights.

Most recently, Games of Thrones created history at the 68th Annual Emmy Awards when the team picked up 12 Emmy Awards in various categories that included the coveted Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. Perez Hilton reports that apart from Kit Harington, key actors from Game of Thrones like Maisie Williams and Gwendoline Christie were present during the awards ceremony.

Despite their highly regarded acting skills, Kit Harrington and his Game of Thrones co-star Maisie Williams failed to win an Emmy Award for their performances in supporting roles. Even though he did not win an Emmy, Kit Harington still delighted’s fans by flaunting his sense of humor when he teamed up with comedian Andy Samberg to present the Emmy Award to the winner in the Best Variety Talk Series category.

This moment marked the first reunion between the two actors ever since they featured together in 7 Days in Hell, an HBO mockumentary that parodied the 2011 documentary McEnroe/Borg: Fire and Ice. Even though he is not specifically known for his comedic skills, Kit Harington nevertheless did a fantastic job of entertaining the audience during the awards presentation, particularly as he was paired with the seasoned comedian Andy Samberg. According to Bustle, arguably the most hilarious moment of the Emmys came when Kit Harrington pretended to propose to his co-presenter, thereby making legions of Game of Thrones fans jealous.

Can some1 pls superimpose my face onto Andy Samberg????#KitHarington u r the best & I love u to the moon n back ❤️

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