‘Empire’ Spoilers: Will Andre Die In Season 3?

Empire Season 3 has already been full of drama. In addition to Lucious Lyon’s crazy investigation with the federal government, his children aren’t doing so well either. Andre Lyon, the oldest of Cookie and Lucious’ three sons, is going through the darkest time in his life, and fans are worried that he may be the next character to die.

According to TV Guide, Empire Season 3 started off with a bang. The Season 2 cliffhanger was quickly resolved, as it was revealed that Andre’s wife Rhonda was the loser in the rooftop fight with Anika. Rhonda shockingly fell to her death, leaving Andre without a wife or his unofficial caretaker. As many fans know, Rhonda is the one who would often remind Andre to take his bipolar medication. She also adjusted the dose he needed to his moods. Andre’s mental illness often played a part in the problems the couple’s marriage faced, but without Rhonda around, Andre is sure to sink deeper and deeper into darkness.

Empire spoilers: Will Rhonda's death send Andre over the edge in Season 3?
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After Rhonda’s death, Andre went off the deep end. The oldest Lyon wasn’t taking his medication properly and even began seeing his dead wife, Rhonda, in his imagination. Can Andre survive without Rhonda’s love and guidance? Thankfully, Andre’s younger brother, Jamal, seems to be the only one looking out for him. Jamal has offered to help Andre keep track of his medications, which will hopefully set him back on the right path with his mental illness.

However, Andre may have an even bigger problem to deal with. Last week, Empire viewers watched as Andre attempted to move forward with his life after Rhonda’s death. Andre packed up the house they formerly shared together and was moving his stuff to his current place when police stopped him. After questioning Andre’s motives, the police began to get violent, slamming Andre on the ground and cuffing him. Sadly, Andre’s mental illness and the loss of his wife may not be the thing that hurts him most this season. The police brutality storyline is sure to cause a lot of emotions in viewers, as it mirrors many social issues happening in the country today.

Empire Season 3 Spoilers: Cookie and Lucious' twisted relationship.
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Meanwhile, Andre’s brother Jamal is dealing with PTSD after being shot by Freda Gatz in Empire Season 2’s penultimate episode. Jamal is having a hard time performing on stage since the shooting, but a new collaboration with an artist named Kitty, played by singer Mariah Carey, could help him to get past that. Mariah is set to debut during this week’s all-new episode, and fans are excited to see her performances with Jussie Smollett’s character.

While her sons are in peril, Cookie will find her life turned upside down as well. Cookie won’t be able to stop the flood of memories of her life with Lucious as they come rushing in. However, Cookie has vowed to leave that relationship in the past and move on with her life. This is where Angelo comes in. The character, played by Taye Diggs, is said to be Cookie Lyon’s new love interest, and the two are sure to have some steamy scenes together. Unfortunately for Angelo, Lucious will likely not care for the coupling and devise a plan to split the pair up. Will Cookie finally find someone to be happy with, or does Angelo have ulterior motives as well? Empire fans are wondering if Cookie will regret jumping into bed with Angelo, and if Lucious will be there to pick up the pieces if it all goes wrong.

What are your thoughts on the latest Empire Season 3 spoilers? Do you think Andre’s life is in danger?

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