Travis Kelce Reveals Bombshell To Suitors On ‘Catching Kelce’: Who Is This Man Trying To Find Love?

A new show is coming to E! this week and you are not going to want to miss this one. Travis Kelce is going to try and find love on the new show Catching Kelce. This show will follow Kelce as he tries to find love with fifty different women. E! Online shared all about Travis’ new show and what big bombshell he will tell the women on the first episode.

Travis Kelce is a Kansas City Chiefs tight end that happens to be single. In the preview, he will share a bit bombshell with the women all about how this show is going to go down. Here is what Travis reveals.

“So, I’m weaving through these 50 states and America’s looking absolutely beautiful! The courage that it takes to come out here to try and pursue love, it means more than you can imagine to me. This is real life. I’m dedicated to finding the girl of my dreams. Now, there are 50 of you and one of me. I have to narrow it down to one in the end. The hardest part might be right now as this is the site of your first elimination.”

Travis Kelce won’t even know the women at all yet when he has to get rid of some of them. On The Bachelor, you at least get to spend some time with the girls before sending a few home, but they do send some home on night one.

As you can see in the preview above, Travis will go out and meet these girls on the football field as they are all dressed as cheerleaders. A few are trying to impress him right away. One girl, London admits to the camera that she is a born again virgin and will share this news with Travis. Travis has a girl from each state, so this is how they came up with fifty women. It is obvious that Travis is excited about the experience, but only time will tell if he will find the right girl.

ESPN shared some details about Travis Kelce and who he is other than just a guy that is trying to find love on reality television. Travis is a bigger guy standing at 6’5? tall and 260 lbs. The premiere will actually air on his birthday. Travis will be turning 27 tomorrow. He went to college in Cincinnati. This is his fourth season playing with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Travis Kelce is active on his Twitter account, but so far he is just retweeting things and talking about his football career. Travis is not spoiling anything at all about if he finds love on the show, even though you know the fans are going to be watching and trying to catch him letting something out on accident.

This show may not be The Bachelor, but it is going to remind fans of the way that they do things on that show. Everyone will have to watch the new show and see how Travis does things when it is time to send girls home from the show. If this show goes well, maybe E! will decide to do it again with another famous football player next season. Hopefully Kelce finds love and there is no reason to bring him back for another season in the future.

Are you shocked to hear that Travis Kelce will send home a few girls on the first night? What do you think of the idea of Catching Kelce? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Catching Kelce when it airs on E! on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. The premiere episode will be 90 minutes long.

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