Heather Dubrow Talks Trip To Ireland: Trip To Dramatic Ireland ‘Might Be Just What We Need’

Heather Dubrow was surprised and thrilled to learn that Meghan King Edmonds had been planning a trip to Ireland with her husband, who couldn’t go on the trip because of a busy work schedule. When Meghan asked Heather to go with her, they gathered all of the ladies together and announced the cast trip to Ireland. While Heather knew that some of the ladies were feuding a bit, she didn’t think that the trip would end up being so dramatic as it turns out to be. Dubrow was thrilled with the idea of going and she was excited to visit some family roots.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Dubrow is now opening up about her own personal connections to Ireland. Apparently, her late grandmother had visited Ireland and brought her home a gift. And it sounds like Heather really wanted to visit the country, so she could see what her late grandmother experienced on her own trip there.

“When Meghan brought up Ireland I was immediately intrigued. My late beloved grandmother (the same one who died from colon cancer that we discussed earlier in the season) had been there years ago and brought me home a sprig of “heather”…a flower that grows wild there. I still have it dried in an envelope with my name on the envelope in her handwriting,” Heather Dubrow explains in her blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County, according to Bravo.

During Heather Dubrow’s book party, it really did seem like all of the ladies were getting along. It really did seem like a great time for all the ladies, as Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador didn’t start yelling at each other. However, Heather Dubrow teases that the trip may not be as calm as they had hoped for, even though she had hoped that the trip may be the bonding experience that they really just needed at this point.


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“I love Meghan, understood her need to go, and selfishly wanted to go and bring home a bit of ‘heather’ for my kids. This group usually has a lot of fun when we travel together and now that everyone seems to be moving on – it might be just what we need! Well…you will have to watch and see how that turns out…” Heather Dubrow teases in her Bravo blog, hinting that the previews clearly show a less-than-fun trip for the ladies.

The previews for the Ireland trip hint that Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd start fighting a bit. And based on Tamra’s reaction, it sounds like one or more of the ladies bring up the custody issues she’s been dealing with in regards to her daughter Sidney. A few years ago, Sidney told Judge that she no longer wanted to live with her and she went to live with her father. And now, they don’t really have a relationship. Based on the previews, it sounds like Vicki is the one who brings it up, as Judge is caught screaming in Gunvalson’s face on the trip.

“Vicki I’m on your side. Tamra really looks out on control screaming in your face,” one person tweeted to Vicki Gunvalson, to which Tamra Judge replied, “oh just wait you might change your mind.”

“It was pretty loud. That was my good bye FU to VG,” Tamra later added to the conversation.

She has previously revealed that they are no longer friends because Gunvalson screwed her over one last time and this trip to Ireland could be that thing. Heather Dubrow hasn’t said anything about her friends’ relationship, but she may be learning of the drama herself on the trip.

“That close up scream!!!!” one person shared on Twitter, which caused Tamra Judge to add, “that doesn’t happen until the end of the season #shescrewdmeagain.”

What do you think of Heather Dubrow’s thoughts that the trip to Ireland could be a great bonding experience?

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