Kaley Cuoco’s Boyfriend Karl Cook Jealous Of Johnny Galecki?

Kaley Cuoco new boyfriend is reportedly jealous of her Big Bang Theory co-star and ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki, according to the FX News Call. The 30-year-old Charmed star started dating her new boyfriend, equestrian Karl Cook, earlier this year.

There are rumors that Kaley Cuoco could be cheating on Cook and decided to get back together with her ex-boyfriend Galecki. Just earlier this year, the Big Bang Theory star finalized her divorce from ex-husband Ryan Sweeting, and she seemed to be happily dating Cook.

But is her relationship with Cook over? This is what Big Bang Theory fans are wondering about after it was reported that Kaley Cuoco (Penny) got cozy with Galecki (Dr. Leonard Hofstadter) on the set of the CBS sitcom’s Season 10, which premiered last month.

While Big Bang Theory fans certainly couldn’t wait for their favorite show to return for its tenth season, it was apparently Cook’s nightmare for his girlfriend Kaley Cuoco to get back on set with Galecki, who reportedly was keen to rekindle their romance.

And while there have been no reports about Cook and Kaley Cuoco’s split (in fact, it was the opposite, as the actress recently revealed how happy she was in the relationship with her equestrian boyfriend), could it mean that Cuoco is cheating on Cook?

Just recently, Cook shared an Instagram post, where he was pictured alongside Kaley Cuoco, who were happily riding horses together. The actress is passionate about horses, as well, which is why everyone thought the two are a perfect couple together.

But rumor has it that Kaley Cuoco comfortably snuggled together with Galecki, who was seen staring intently at his former girlfriend, which immediately triggered speculation that the duo are getting back together.

The interesting fact is that Kaley Cuoco and Galecki secretly dated for two years before their split in 2010. And the actress has had to deny rumors that the two got back together ever since. At the beginning of this year, new rumors surfaced claiming that Cuoco and Galecki rekindled their romance.

Both Kaley Cuoco and Galecki recently took to social media to post a snap of them together looking happy on the set of The Big Bang Theory. But it wouldn’t be such big news if they weren’t exes and if Cuoco wasn’t dating someone else at the moment.

With Kaley Cuoco being in a relationship with Cook, Galecki is dating Ariella Nicole. But does it mean that the two are prepared to break up with their love partners to get back together?

Both Galecki and Kaley Cuoco’s spokespeople have reportedly been asked to comment and refused to either confirm or deny the rumors that the duo rekindled their romance. But there are also fans who think that the two are just friends, and even friends can snuggle sometimes.

In fact, Galecki and Kaley Cuoco said they had an amicable breakup, which could mean the two remained friends and their snuggles on the set of The Big Bang Theory Season 10 shouldn’t upset Cook.

Kaley Cuoco and Galecki rekindling their romance wouldn’t be such heartbreaking news if the actress didn’t gush over her boyfriend Karl Cook just last month, according to the International Business Times.

During her appearance on The Talk, Kaley Cuoco discussed how she has found everything she has ever wanted in her relationship with Cook.

“I can’t stop smiling. Life is so, so good. I finally found my horse guy. It was very meant to be.”

Interestingly, Kaley Cuoco wasn’t always open about her relationship with Cook and at the beginning of their romance she even said they were just “friends.” Is it the same case with her seemingly “friendly” relationship with Galecki?

There are always going to be those who want to create drama where none exists. But many of Kaley Cuoco’s fans are content with their favorite actress being happy in her new relationship with her fellow horse-enthusiast, and satisfied that she and her Big Bang Theory co-star are little more than good friends.

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