Shannon Beador Rejects Claims Made By Vicki Gunvalson That She Has A Big Secret

Shannon Beador rejects claims made by Vicki Gunvalson that she’s hiding a big secret. In the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, the two women came face-to-face for the first time since the accident in Glamis. Shannon had left Vicki a voicemail after she was released from the hospital, but she never responded.

Shannon Beador was unhappy with Vicki Gunvalson for not acknowledging her phone call. Their conversation was a bit heated. Vicki was blown away that Shannon waited so long to reach out to her following the accident. It wasn’t just about the accident that made their fractured relationship worse; Beador was irked at Gunvalson for gossiping about her husband and Gunvalson was offended at how David talked to her at the 70s party.

The RHOC stars argued about their respective positions on the matters. Shannon agreed that David acted inappropriately at the 70s party when he called Vicki names, but thinks Vicki should own up to her role in provoking him. Vicki told Shannon that she wasn’t there to witness the exchange, which resulted in Shannon saying she was lying. Things only deteriorated from there with Vicki throwing the word back in her face.

Vicki said in her confessional interview that she was told something in confidence by Shannon that had to do with her relationship with David.

“If she keeps pushing at me and being mean to me, I might bring out the little secret she doesn’t want anyone to know,” Vicki said.

Gunvalson went on to say that the secret could hurt the family.

According to a blog post on Bravo, Shannon Beador denies hiding any secrets.

“In true Vicki fashion, she accused me of lying. I do not lie and I have not lied. She is making something up…again. And I was blown away at her threats to me during her interview commentary. She claims to have secrets about my marriage and that is a joke. I am an open book that let everyone into a humiliating affair last year. We all know Vicki has the reputation of lying and deflection. To hear Donn say that Vicki is a ‘lying sack of dog s***’ in the flashback kind of says it all,” Shannon Beador wrote.

It’s unknown what the big secret is, but Shannon acts as though she has no idea what Vicki is talking about. Did she forget what she told Vicki at one time when they were on friendlier terms before Brooks Ayers’ cancer scandal? Whatever the secret is, Kelly Dodd knows Vicki has something on Shannon Beador.

As for “moving on,” Shannon tried making small talk with Vicki Gunvalson at a party Heather Dubrow hosted. She wanted to prove to the other ladies that she was capable of being in the same room with Vicki and get along. Everyone was shocked to see Shannon suddenly be nice to Vicki, which Shannon addressed in her blog as well.

“I will never be her good friend, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share a cocktail or a laugh with her from time to time,” Shannon Beador wrote of her interaction with Vicki Gunvalson at the party. “So when I made the effort to do just that, it was almost hurtful to hear Tamra and Heather say that they think that I am ‘afraid of Vicki’ or that my interaction with her was ‘odd.’ Which is it? I never have been or will be afraid of Vicki Gunvalson.”

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Beador added that had she known Vicki was making threats in her commentary, she never would have made an effort to be cordial with her.

“I will say one thing — had I been aware of the nasty threats and lies Vicki was conjuring up behind my back, I never would have made an effort to interact with her at all,” she continued.

Will Shannon Beador’s secret get exposed on The Real Housewives of Orange County by Vicki Gunvalson before Season 11 is over?

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