‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6, Episode 3: Is Cinderella A Killer? David’s Deal And More Tales [Spoilers]

Once Upon A Time Season 6 is off to an interesting start. While other shows ease into storylines, that isn’t the case with ABC’s hit fairy tale drama. Executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have jumped right in, bringing along viewers for the ride. What can be expected on Episode 3, titled “The Other Shoe?” As fans guessed, it has to do with Cinderella. The synopsis also teased that David will make a deal and more tales are on the way.

OUAT spoilers are below. If you do not want to find out details regarding next Sunday’s episode, then stop reading.

On the last episode of Once Upon A Time, Regina discovered that she was not successful in killing her alter ego, the Evil Queen. Many years ago, the villain made a deal with the Count of Monte Cristo to kill Snow and Charming. Regina managed to save David and Mary Margaret when she murdered the Count in present day Storybrooke. However, it was exactly what the Evil Queen wanted. It proved that Regina still had some wickedness inside of her even though she is separated from her alter ego.

Also, the Evil Queen hinted that the death of David’s father may not have been an accident. Even though she can’t be trusted, it will certainly put him on the quest to find the truth.

What happens next Sunday? The synopsis was published by the Futon Critic. Once Upon A Time Season 6, Episode 3 is titled “The Other Shoe.” Ever since the title was tweeted out by Adam Horowitz, viewers knew it would revolve around Cinderella.

“As Storybrooke continues to welcome the new arrivals from the Land of Untold Stories, families, friends and even long-lost enemies are reunited once again. When Ashley (Cinderella) searches for her step-family, intent on settling their unfinished business, Emma, Hook, and Henry scramble to help her before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Regina attempts to bribe Mr. Hyde for information about how to defeat the Evil Queen and Snow helps Dr. Jekyll find a suitable laboratory for his work. David makes a deal with Gold and delivers a message to Belle in exchange for new information about his father. In flashback, Cinderella attends a ball and meets her prince.”

The Once Upon A Time promo clip reveals even more information about Cinderella’s story in Season 6, Episode 3. David is positive that Cinderella is going to kill her stepsister. However, Emma has a problem believing this. At least, until the OUAT promo shows Emma trying to talk her out of it. Sneak peek photos from TVLine show the character aiming a gun and looking determined to hit her target. Will Emma be able to stop her?

As for Emma Swan, she found out that her vision is a prediction of the future. She was told that even if the path is changed, the end result will remain the same. She went to speak with Dr. Archie Hopper, who encouraged Emma to tell her family. However, she is resisting because they would tell her to stop saving people. During the therapy session, Emma asked if she isn’t a Savior, then who is she?

It is likely that there will be a way to change Emma’s future. Perhaps the end result will only be the same if she stays a Savior. If she were to give it up, would that be enough to save her life? Emma’s question about who she is was also significant. It is probably a question that will be explored in Season 6 of Once Upon A Time. Being a Savior is what Emma is, but it isn’t all of her. There are many parts of Emma Swan and being a Savior is just one of them.

“The Other Shoe” promo clip also teased that more tales are coming. With Emma’s killer in the vision completely cloaked, she doesn’t even know who to watch out for. However, she wonders if it could be Regina. It seems more likely that it is either someone from the Land Of Untold Stories or an old villain that fans will recognize.


What do you think is going to happen with Regina, the Evil Queen, Snow, Charming, and Emma on Once Upon A Time? Season 6, Episode 3 airs October 9 on ABC network.

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