Ashlee Holmes Calls Teresa Giudice A Felon: Sides With Jacqueline Laurita In ‘RHONJ’ Feud

Ashlee Holmes has made an appearance on this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, as her proposal was filmed for the show. But unlike the younger Ashlee, this adult Holmes isn’t getting involved in her mother’s drama for the show. It’s no secret that her mother, Jacqueline Laurita, was angry on last night’s episode of the show, as she was frustrated with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. And Jacqueline’s husband, Chris Laurita, stood by his wife and he argued that the ladies had no idea what they were talking about. And it sounds like Holmes felt the same way.

According to a new tweet, Ashlee Holmes is now revealing that she isn’t about to show Teresa Giudice much respect, as she hasn’t shown her family any respect. While Ashlee didn’t exactly go into detail about the episode of the show last night, she did reveal that she stood by her mother and she isn’t about to respect someone who went to jail.

“I’m 26 years old. I am an adult. I don’t HAVE TO respect ANYONE that doesn’t deserve it… let alone a felon and a phony,” Ashlee Holmes revealed on Twitter last night as the newest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired on Bravo.

Of course, fans were very vocal about the fight that took place on last night’s episode. Many viewers had plenty of opinions about Teresa, Jacqueline, and Melissa, but Ashlee Holmes reminded fans that she actually knows these ladies. She’s been very vocal in the past about how much she dislikes some of the ladies, including Danielle Staub. Holmes hasn’t talked a lot about Teresa after she was sent to prison, but she told people that she does know them all in real life and she may know something that viewers don’t.


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“You also seem to forget that I actually know all of these women in REAL life… not just by what I see on an edited tv show #NotSorry,” Ashlee Holmes revealed after watching the episode, which caused people to reach out to her with opinions – and some people felt that Holmes wasn’t being very nice with her comments.

“Insulting people just for being “felons” is judgmental and makes it seem like you think your better than AVERAGE people,” one person wrote to Ashlee Holmes, to which she replied, “A felon isn’t an average person lol.”

“… I was wondering if you would marry me?” ~ Pete???? Such a sweet moment! @ashleeholmes #RHQuotes #RHONJ @JacLaurita

— The Real House-Homo (@realhousehomo) September 25, 2016

It seems like there are two groups of people when it comes to Giudice. Some people believe that she has served her sentence and she should be given another chance. She has served her time and should be forgiven. And then there are people like Ashlee Holmes, who has completely lost trust and respect for someone, who is a known criminal and a felon. While she stands by her opinion, it sounds like some people want her to be a bit more lenient.

“Really? So a kid at 17 who got caught with weed and has to live with the stamp “felons ” for the rest of his life even after he’s become a better person and redeemed himself isn’t average? I think you need to educate yourself on how many people get charged with felonies every single year. They aren’t just “criminals” privileged white girls like you are the problem,” the person wrote back to Holmes, who didn’t reply back.

What do you think of Ashlee Holmes’ tweets about Teresa Giudice and her mother’s fight with Teresa and Melissa Gorga? Are you surprised that she’s taking her mother’s side and she’s defending her on Twitter by calling out Giudice’s criminal past?

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