‘The Flash’ Season 3: Previewing Flashpoint, When Will Jay Garrick And Harrison Wells Return? Superhero Fight Club 2.0 Welcomes Supergirl [Possible Spoilers]

The Flash will air the premiere episode of Season 3 tomorrow on the CW. The CW channel has rapidly become the go-to place for the superhero genre on TV. Earlier this year, an announcement was made that Supergirl was not going to be picked up by CBS for Season 2. Instead, Supergirl will be part of the CW superhero universe. To welcome Supergirl to their world, The Flash, Green Arrow, White Canary, Firestorm, and Atom welcomed her by initiating her into their superhero fight club 2.0.

Before Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow kick off their new seasons, The Flash will lead the way by launching season three on October 4. When fans last saw Flash, he was seen speeding into his childhood home to stop the murder of his mother at the hands of Reverse Flash. When Flash saved her, he kicked off the Flashpoint storyline.

In Flashpoint, Barry wakes up in a world that has a completely different timeline than the one that once existed. Barry is no longer The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are destroying the world due to being at war with each other, Thomas Wayne is a brutal version of Batman, and Superman, as we know him, does not exist. This is the comic book version of Flashpoint. Due to what has been released in trailers, the TV version of Flashpoint is going to be vastly different.

Fans have been spending their summer speculating on just how Flashpoint was going to alter the world of The Flash. Fans have since learned that Barry will still have his powers in the new timeline but will slowly begin to lose them as his body begins to adjust to being in the new timeline.

Two questions that fans have been wondering about have to do with if, and when, Jay Garrick and Harrison Wells will return in Season 3. In a recent image released from the upcoming season 3, The Flash (Barry Allen) and The Flash (Jay Garrick) are seen side by side. This gave fans hope that the two speedsters would join forces at some point during season three. The speculation was put to rest when a report by Cinemablend confirmed that the two superheroes would be together. According to the report, Jay Garrick will be back in the early parts of Season 3. As to how or why he is there is still being kept under wraps.

Aside from the return of Jay Garrick, Harrison Wells will also be back in season three of The Flash. Will this be yet a new version of Harrison Wells or one that we are already familiar with? The actor who plays Wells, Tom Cavanagh, recently spoke with ScreenRant to discuss his role in Season 3. He assured fans that he would not be the Harrison Wells that was briefly seen in season one before Eobard Thawne taking over his body.

“I played the original Wells on the beach with Tess (his wife). This guy won’t be that guy. If the show has strengths, I would argue that we’re not repeating ourselves generally, and specifically I’m trying not to repeat myself.”

According to a report by TodaysNewsShow, it has been learned that Harrison Wells will be returning in Episode 3 of The Flash. In the episode summary, Harrison Wells from Earth-2 returns to get members of Team Flash to talk his daughter out of using her powers as Jesse Quick.

What are you looking forward to in Season 3 of The Flash?

[Featured Image by The CW]