Philadelphia School District, Other Schools Investigating Serious Clown Threats

What started out as a few clowns being spotted out in public is now turning into something that is a lot scarier. USA Today shared the details that a Philadelphia school district is now investigating serious clown threats that have been coming into the school. Police are also looking into these clown reports. The threats were coming in over social media. These clown threats were against both students and the staff.

Officials with the school spoke out on the clown threats.

“The safety of our children and the communities surrounding our schools is a top priority for us and we are taking this matter seriously.”

The clown threats could be nothing, but they have to take it seriously and make sure. At this time, several schools have received clown threats and have even sent home notes to parents about the clown threats. At this time, most schools are calling the clown treats a hoax, but they are also investigating them to make sure this is the truth.

Spring Independent School District in Texas is another school dealing with threats from clowns right now. They went to Facebook and shared with their students and parents. Here is what they had to say about the clown threats.

“Dear Spring ISD Parents and Guardians:
We have been made aware of a social media hoax made toward school districts and campuses across the state, including several Spring ISD campuses. Although this was determined to be a hoax and we will have school tomorrow, please know that we have taken precaution with extra security at our campuses.
We ask parents and students to confirm facts and be cautious of what they share via social media, although we do appreciate students and parents alerting our Spring ISD Police Department to potential threats.
As you know, the safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Be assured that the Spring ISD administration and Spring ISD Police will continue to monitor this matter.
Thank you for your continued support.”

Philly Voice shared a few more details about the clown threats that are happening to the local school. These clown threats came in via Instagram and even mention specific schools. One clown post said they were going to “blow up” the Philadelphia School District headquarters at 440 N. Broad St.

The accounts that the clown threats are coming from all have the word clown in their name and have pictures of clowns on the account. One post threatened that the clowns would go to these schools on Thursday. Several different schools were listed and there were also threats that the clowns would go to schools on Wednesday. One post said that there are about 12 people involved.

Archdiocesan spokesman Ken Gavin spoke out about these clown threats.

“Schools that were specifically named in threats have been in direct contact with law enforcement and will have police presence tomorrow as a precautionary measure. The Archdiocese is very grateful to the law enforcement community for its ongoing assistance.”

There were other clown threats that didn’t say exactly what their plan was, but that they were simply going to do something. There were also comments about this being like the movie The Purge. Everyone is on the lookout for clowns and can’t help but take these threats seriously. With Halloween coming, you might want to think twice about what kind of costume you plan to wear this year.

Are you shocked to hear about the clown threats that are happening at schools, including in a Philadelphia School District? Do you think that there is really something going to happen or just a bunch of copycats trying for attention? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Featured Image by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images]