‘Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet’ Renewed for Another Season

Dr. Jeff Young and his right-hand man, Hector Martinez, recently posted a video clip to the Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Facebook page. With staff busily working on animals behind them, Dr. Jeff informs viewers that he’s feeling great and both of them state that they are glad to be returning for a third season. This is great news for fans of the popular series, especially since last season chronicled the doctor’s second battle with cancer.

Dr. Jeff operates Planned Pethood Plus, which is located in Denver, Colorado. At the end of last season, the entire operation moved to a much bigger facility, which was desperately needed since they serve over 80,000 clients. According to the Wrap, now that the new clinic is up and running, the staff often performs around 30 surgeries a day and now includes a mobile clinic that can reach even more clients and their pets.


During last season’s finale titled “New World,” Dr. Jeff’s wife and fellow veterinarian, Petra, was concerned that he was doing too much as they scrambled to get the clinic successfully moved to the new location. Despite her concerns, Dr. Jeff seemed to take it all in stride, and despite feeling the effects of chemotherapy treatments, he pushed hard to continue helping with the move. During one particularly poignant scene in the clinic, Petra gently began the process of cutting off Dr. Jeff’s signature long hair and shaving his head as his daughter and staff look on.

“I’d rather lose my hair than lose my life,” Dr. Jeff remarked, adding that at times he does make light of certain situations that he has “no control” over.

Dr. Jeff is known as someone who will work with any pet owner to provide the proper care their pet may need. Healing is the predominant theme here, not how much money the clinic can pull in. Every animal that comes through the doors of the Planned Pethood Clinic receives the best care available, no matter what the cost. Dr. Jeff states that as long as someone cares about their pet, they will receive 110 percent from him and his very experienced, committed team. For Dr. Jeff, it’s definitely all about the animals.

Before treatment, every pet owner is made aware that there is only one requirement that they must agree to, and that is for their pets must be spayed or neutered before leaving, if it hasn’t been done already. This is a strictly enforced policy, and pet owners seem to have no issue agreeing since it could mean saving their beloved pet’s life and at the same time could help lower the pet population numbers.


Although this season will feature new animals as well as new challenges for Dr. Jeff, the same passion for helping animals and their families remain the same, if not stronger. According to TV Series Finale, Dr. Jeff and his staff of 30 have worked diligently to save the lives of both pets and rescued wild animals. This dedicated veterinarian and his staff never seem to slow down, and a bustling emergency room keeps them very busy.

“High energy, high pressure all the time,” Dr. Jeff states in a preview of the new season. “This is not an easy place to work.”


Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet is Animal Planet’s top-performing series to date, with an impressive average of 1.3 million total viewers per episode. Among the overall viewers, Season 2 had an increase by over 40 percent, and that increase is even higher by two percent in the 25-54 demographics. The dramatic second season finale was the most-watched episode, with over 1.7 million total viewers.

Are you a fan of the series? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. At this time there is no definitive date or time set for the new season, but Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet will premiere sometime in early 2017 on Animal Planet.

[Featured Image by Animal Planet]