‘Big Brother’ 18: Natalie Negrotti Dating James Huling, Posts Major Update On Twitter

Big Brother 18 fans will be excited to hear that Natalie Negrotti is still dating James Huling after the two met on the show. Many Big Brother viewers enjoy watching the relationships that form on the show — and the romances! Sometimes, people on the show just put on a front for personal reasons, like to advance. However, there are some relationships that make it out of the Big Brother house and into the real world — and it looks like Natalie and James have done just that!

Fans are thrilled to hear that the two have made their relationship official!

Big Brother 18 spoilers couldn’t have predicted that Natalie and James’ relationship would blossom after the show wrapped, but it turns out the two are officially boyfriend and girlfriend! Check out this tweet that Natalie posted over the weekend, confirming her relationship with James.

When you beg your boyfriend to get an iPhone so you can FaceTime stalk him everyday???????????????? he said yes!!!!????????????❤️???? pic.twitter.com/slzmFLiLY7

— Natalia Mercedes (@NataliaNegrotti) October 3, 2016

As most people know, Natalie Negrotti, 26, left the Big Brother house before James Huling, 32. According to Us Weekly, Natalie shared her feelings on carrying on a relationship with James in the real world. Said “real” relationship would have to get through a tough period first, as James was in the Big Brother house until the HoH challenge saw Nicole and Paul to go head to head.

“He’s caring, he’s understanding and he’s an all-around good guy with good character. He has the best character out of any guy I have ever met. I would love to be in a relationship with James. He is everything I look for in a partner. He is the ying [sic] to my yang. He is in Texas and I am in the Northeast. If we are compatible outside the house, it would be great to be in a relationship. If not, I am happy being friends,” she explained.

The Big Brother 18 couple seems very happy together as evidenced by James’ recent Instagram post. As you can see, the two spend countless hours talking every single day. James also revealed that the two would be reunited this week!

Big Brother 18 wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies for Natalie and James, however. The two actually got into a fight before Natalie became the sixth juror. The two were very close, but they kept the PDA to a minimum. Tempers flared when Natalie was put on the block, and she accused James’ intentions. The former cheerleader thought that James might have been using her just to get ahead in the game. She said some pretty ugly things to him at that point, but she says that she did not mean them.

“It was a very heartbreaking experience for me. Of course, I was bitter going home. We are all in this game to win the money. At the end of the day, I said things I didn’t mean. I never wanted to hurt him or throw him under the bus. I campaigned to keep him. I am happy he stayed and I have no bitter feelings,” Natalie explained. Evidently, James has forgiven her and the two have been able to move past that tough time with ease. Naturally, Natalie had been pulling for James to go all the way, but his time in the Big Brother house ended just before the finale.

Do you think Big Brother 18 couple Natalie Negrotti and James Huling are really soulmates? Do you think that their relationship is going to last in the real world? Are you happy to see that the two are still dating even after the season has ended?

[Featured Image by Natalie Negrotti/Instagram]