Kim Kardashian’s Paris Hotel: Photos Inside 7 Rue Tronchet Hotel Particulier Where Kim Was Robbed With Gun, Tied Up [Video]

Kim Kardashian’s Paris hotel, which was the 7 rue Tronchet location in Paris where Kim was held at gunpoint and robbed of $10 million in jewelry, as reported by the Inquisitr, can be seen in videos like the below one from Le Parisien.

Scenes from outside the private hotel, located at 7 rue Tronchet, can be seen in the below photo gallery.

According to the French publication, it wasn’t two or three men — but five men who robbed Kim at 7 rue Tronchet, where Kardashian was staying in a so-called hôtel particulier. In terms of the French, a hôtel particulier isn’t a proper name of some sort of luxury hotel. Instead, a hôtel particulier is similar to a luxury private townhouse.

Kim’s ordeal within the luxury residence in the eighth arrondissement of Paris sounds like a harrowing scene from a movie. The luxury private hotel space, which is located close to La Madeleine, was the setting where the armed men threatened both the night watchman and Kim with guns. The female watchman was handcuffed and ordered at gunpoint to open Kardashian’s bedroom door.

Three of the robbers kept watch at the entrance to 7 rue Tronchet while the others threatened Kim with a gun to her head.

Kardashian had her hands and feet taped and locked inside a bathroom at 7 rue Tronchet while the robbers took phones, jewelry and $100 in cash. The concierge of the luxury 7 rue Tronchet residence was locked in a stairwell as he, too, had his feet bound and was handcuffed.

Security video did not reveal where the robbers fled after threatening Kim and robbing Kardashian of her jewelry.

The Hotel George V in Paris, where Kim apparently stayed after the robbery but prior to leaving Paris on Monday, had armed guards established outside of Kardashian’s hotel.

Photos of the inside of the luxury hotel private residence where Kim was robbed at 7 rue Tronchet can be seen on the blog of Mathieu Rupin, an interior designer. One amazing photo shows a rendering of a pool inside the luxury space, which can be seen from a room below. A black-haired bathing beauty can be seen in another rendering, relaxing near the pool of the luxury residence that was deigned for a private client.


Even the architectural plans of 7 rue Tronchet, where Kim was robbed, can be found online. It is not known if the robbers used this information to plan the big heist of Kardashian’s jewelry.

The 7 rue Tronchet luxury location has been described as “ambitious” and a design that required special skills to create.

“On the initiative of Allard group (also owner and operator of Hotel Royal Monceau), this ambitious luxury hotel program required the deployment of considerable forces and specialized skills in all areas. The project, whose implementation was entrusted to the architectural firm AAAB stretches over two buildings of the Rue Tronchet, and amounted to R + 7 with roof terrace. It is to our site piloting skill and coordination of the work he was called here.”

kim hotel
[Photo by KGC-195/STAR MAX/IPx]

It was also described as a luxury private hotel that could be accessed by elevator.

“The program included the completion of 10 apartments intended for one-time residential use (residential hotel). Three were defined range of standard, and apartment-suites, accessible by elevator have one or two large rooms with private bathroom, kitchen, living room and one or two bedrooms. The ground floor of the modern building houses a commercial space, with a small concert hall and restaurant. In the basement, two parking levels, which allow vehicle access with a lift, also has a turntable for easy maneuvering.”

[Featured Image by KGC-195/STAR MAX/IPx]