Harry Styles Talks Movies, Kids And Lack Of One Direction Reunion Timescale

One Direction fans will not need to be reminded that over a year has passed since the band announced that they would take an extended break. After five years of incessant touring, One Direction fans had noted that the strain was beginning to show. Rumors had been circulating that One Direction was subject of infighting, but it was Zayn Malik’s walking out of One Direction that gave the biggest clue that all was not well. Of course, sections of the media were delighted to see One Direction split, and since then, there has been a constant narrative claiming that One Direction have split for good.

As much as fans adore One Direction, many feel a sense of frustration at the lack of any clear insight into the band’s future. As always seems to be the case with One Direction, most news comes by way of rumor and speculation. Over the past week or two, fans’ hopes have been raised by three things.

Firstly, the Daily Mail reported that the official One Direction website had been updated. New One Direction merchandise was offered for sale and a section titled “future events” was added, but later removed.

Since then, One Direction fans’ hopes were raised higher as both Niall Horan and Harry Styles spoke publicly about One Direction’s hiatus. As was reported in the Inquisitr, Horan told Capital FM that the boys are all in touch, but there are no firm plans for a One Direction reunion.

“Basically for the foreseeable we’re doing our own thing, we still keep in touch all the time, it’s very much still there. There’s no doubt about it, I don’t know when, it could be a year, it could be two, but it’ll definitely happen.”

Now, Harry Styles has spoken up about One Direction’s hiatus. According to the Daily Mirror, Styles was talking in an interview with Another Man magazine when he said that One Direction has been the “most important and greatest thing” that has ever happened to him.

Harry went on to confirm Niall’s comment that there are no plans in place for a One Direction reunion in the foreseeable future.

“It’s a difficult question to answer. I would never say we’ll never do anything again but it’s good for us to be exploring different things.

“Maybe at some point everyone will want to do something again but it is better if it happens naturally.”

With Horan and Styles both saying there are no One Direction reunion plans in place, it seems fans may have to wait much longer than the 18-month timescale that was originally hinted at.

People Magazine reports that in the same interview, Styles spoke about making the transition from singing to acting.

“I was nervous but it’s going good I think. I did acting at school. It’s something I’ve always wanted to explore but I was busy with the band so I never felt like I had time to do it the right way.

“When we took some time off, I thought I’d see if it might work. It’s a challenge, but it feels good to be out of my comfort zone.

“I’m enjoying being in the studio and doing the movie and I’m not bothered about going on vacation. I feel pretty lucky right now.”

It seems clear that Styles is enjoying life away from the pressures of being part of One Direction. Harry also indicated that he would love to settle down and have children.

It is perhaps becoming clearer that we have seen the last of One Direction in the form that we have come to know them. It may be that the days of a yearly One Direction album release, supported by a massive tour, are over.

Of course One Direction fans will continue to support Styles and his bandmates in their solo endeavors, but they may have to content themselves with smaller pickings when it comes to One Direction the group. Of course, one thing missing from One Direction’s back catalog is a “Greatest Hits” compilation. It may be that such a release and a “Greatest Hits” tour may be the best hope for One Direction fans.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan have already released solo material or signed a major record deal. The success of their solo careers may prove the determining factor in when, if ever, we will see One Direction reunite as a band.

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