Kim Kardashian No Makeup, No Underwear Look At Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian no makeup appearance at the Paris Fashion Week 2016 marked a stark departure from the norm, and who knows whether that could be the start of a new normal.

The Hollywood star, who is married to Kanye West, has been known to make entertainment news headlines with her variety of beauty looks enhanced by makeup. Kardashian is also known for sharing makeup tips, but during the weekend fashion event in Paris, the celebrity not only ditched makeup but also underwear.

Kardashian’s simplicity at the Paris Fashion Week show also extended to scant dressing. The Hollywood star and mother of two wore a trench coat on her bare flesh and augmented it with thigh-high boots. Pants seemed to escape sight.

Kim Kardashian Paris
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With the no makeup Paris Fashion Week event, Kardashian has joined the growing list of Hollywood stars who have recently shown a preference of going makeup free. For Kardashian, the move is stunning considering this is the star who at one point revealed she spends two hours every morning to do her makeup.


The reason behind Kardashian no makeup look in Paris

Though there might be some other reasons behind Kim Kardashian’s no makeup appearance in Paris, the star hinted in a social media post that going without makeup enabled her to save time.

On Snapchat, Kardashian said, “Just went to the Balenciaga show makeup free. Kind of feels good. Just to not spend all that time [doing the makeup].” The words captioned a photo where she appeared with her bare face without makeup.

It seems that Kardashian felt that while it in Paris it would be a great thing to breach her two-hour beauty routine to save time and perhaps do more and spark a conversation in Paris.

Kardashian’s makeup guru, Mario Dedivanovic, also posted a photo of Kardashian without the makeup just to confirm that the star deliberately choose to go makeup-free for the Balenciaga show. However, Dedivanovic revealed that although Kardashian avoided the usual makeup, he did use moisturizer and that was the only extent makeup appeared on her body.

Ladies going makeup-free

Kim Kardashian no makeup, no underwear look at Paris Fashion Week was an extension of the trend that seems to be gaining currency among a number of female celebrities. Before Kim Kardashian’s no makeup appearance in Paris for the Balenciaga show, female celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Keys and Kylie Jenner had already made a decision to go makeup-free.


It came as a major surprise for many when Alessia Cara and Alicia Keys showed up for the MTV Video Music Awards event bare-faced. Alicia Keys particularly has made several no makeup appearances since that event.

The time investment required to do makeup seems to be leading celebrities such as Kardashian, Keys and Kylie Jenner to reconsider their once rigid beauty schedules of spending hours on end in the makeup chair. Some are finding that it isn’t worth the time to sit two or more hours for makeup when the event you are preparing for is only going to last a few minutes.

Will Kardashian ditch makeup forever?

But there is no guarantee that Kim Kardashian’s no makeup look will be the new normal. Nevertheless, she has sent a strong signal that she is willing to relax her beauty routine.

Kim Kardashian Fashion Week
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However, Kim Kardashian no makeup, no underwear look at Paris Fashion Week will certainty spark a fresh round of makeup conversations in the coming weeks as people debate whether makeup has lost its place or not.

Many societies are still gripped with the notion that a woman must wear makeup if they are going to make public appearances such as Kardashian’s Balenciaga Fashion Week in Paris. In many places of work, women are required to wear makeup so that they can look more professional. But with several women celebrities appearing to push back against the notion of makeup, the emphasis on makeup as a beauty booster is likely to wane.

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