‘Basketball Wives LA’: Will Tami Roman And DJ Duffey Come To Blows?

Tami Roman and DJ Duffey are still feuding on Basketball Wives LA even after apologies were made to Tami’s daughter Jazz. A recent girl’s trip to Portugal turned into a nightmare for a few of the women when Tami and Duffey just couldn’t get along. It turns out that Tami doesn’t buy Duffey’s apology to Jazz and she doesn’t seem to care if their issues are causing drama for everyone else.

The whole feud between Tami and Duffey started when Tami fired her BBWLA co-star as the director of Jazz Anderson’s music video for “All I Want.” The firing didn’t sit well with Duffey, who informed both women that she was basically doing them a favor and that she has worked with “real artists.”

Of course, Duffey’s reaction to being fired didn’t sit well with Tami or Jazz, but it seems that Tami was taking the rebuff to the extreme. Several times in the Basketball Wives LA episodes since their feud started, Tami has made comments about getting physical when she gets angry and it’s pretty surprising that she hasn’t tried to put her hands on Duffey at any point since.

Even after Duffey apologized to Jazz and explained that she didn’t mean to offend her, Tami is still keeping their feud alive. Duffey hasn’t had a chance to apologize or try to clear things up with Tami because the BBW veteran has made it clear that she just isn’t interested. Tami made it clear that she doesn’t trust Duffey’s apology because she believes that the BBWLA newcomer didn’t apologize fast enough, therefore she doesn’t mean it.

So, fast forward to Jackie Christie’s Portugal trip in the most recent episode of Basketball Wives LA. When Tami heard that Duffey was going, she didn’t want to go at all. She made it clear that she didn’t want to be in a room with Brandi Maxiell’s bestie at all and only agreed to go because Jackie wouldn’t stop begging. Tami also said when she was first invited that she was afraid if she was stuck in a room with Duffey that the two would end up fighting and she didn’t want to do that in a foreign country.

Once in Portugal, the women tried to keep Tami and Duffey separate, even suggesting that the women sit out half of the planned activities in order to avoid each other. That was a no-go for Duffey, who said if she knew in advance that she was only invited to do half of the events because Tami wouldn’t let their feud go, she wouldn’t have come at all.

During a dinner together with all the women in Portugal, it looks like the BBWLA women are working to get Tami and Duffey to come to an understanding. That turns ugly though when Tami brings up a comment Duffey made about wanting to fight her. Duffey popped off and told her that when she said it, she absolutely meant it. From there it looks like making peace is simply out of the question. VH1 reported that Tami has even challenged Duffey to try and “beat her a**” as Duffey said she wanted to do.

The Basketball Wives LA episode ended with Tami Roman revealing that she just might be pregnant and that in itself might be what keeps her and Duffey from getting physical. If it turns out that Tami isn’t with child, though, there’s a pretty good chance that the BBWLA drama might get turned all the way up and Tami and Duffey may come to blows.

This wouldn’t be the first time that things got violent between co-stars on Basketball Wives LA. There seems to be some sort of drama that turns physical in each season. Not to mention, Tami’s drama with DJ Duffey is pretty much the only storyline that Tami has right now aside from her attempts to get pregnant. If she lets up on the tension between them, Tami’s role on the show will get pretty boring. She’ll basically be Shaunie O’Neal’s buddy with not much more story to tell.

Do you think Tami Roman needs to accept DJ Duffey’s apology to Jazz and let their feud go? Or is Tami right to think that Duffey doesn’t mean it and continue causing tension for the rest of the Basketball Wives LA cast? Tell us what you think of the latest drama in the comments section below.

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